Add/Edit Rooms in DirectLine

Purpose: This user guide walks you through adding or updating rooms in a building.  It is important to maintain the square footage and room use data for facilities and reporting purposes.

Audience: Facilities database administrators responsible for building and room  information

  1. Log into your Megamation DirectLine URL.

Navigation path: Module > FAE Inventory >Room Entry

Megamation DirectLine-SBCTC page
  1. A blank Room Entry and Distribution screen will open to Page 1.
  2. Select a Building from the drop-down list (2) or by searching (3).
Room Entry and Distribution - page
  1. Select the building you want to work on from the Building ID section and click the OK button.
Defined Buildings page

Page 1 Instructions

DirectLine requires a response in any green-shaded field.

  1. Enter "NA" in the Hallway field or select the correct Hallway from using the Search icon.
  2. Select "Building-Room" from the Class drop-down list.
  3. Enter a new room number in the Room field or search for the existing room number you want to work on.
Room Entry and Distribution page

Create the Location ID if it is currently blank.  This field consists of the following characters:

  • 2 characters for your assigned campus code  + 3 characters for building code + 4 characters for room number + 1 character for room suffix

Example from the screen shot above = SBSBOFINA0

Location ID field
  1. Complete the fields for Dimensions, Area and Capacity.
Dimensions, Area and Capacity fields

Additional reference materials for these fields include:  

  • 2006 FICM manual (Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual)
  • FAE Facility Coding Manual
  • FEPG (Facilities Evaluation and Planning Guide)
Field Name Definition
Total Area
inside wall to inside wall (square feet)
Usable Area available for use by the campus. Consists of Assignable and Nonassignable area  (FICM 3.2.7) 
Unusable Area Any area with a wall height less than 6' 6" or unusable areas in attics or basements (FICM 3.2.8 and FAE Coding manual 2-1)
Seats/Capacity if academic instruction space, enter current faculty contract maximum capacity.  If vocational space, enter contracted maximum 
HNDCP Access Yes / No
Quantity Do not use
On/Off Campus automatically populates from Building record
Ownership Status automatically populates from Building record
  1. Now enter the room usage data into the appropriate fields.  

These fields need to be entered sequentially.  One field impacts the choices you have in the next field.  These fields are important for the Capital Asset Model (CAM) and room usage analysis when competing for a major capital project.

Additional reference materials for these fields contained in xxxxxxx workbook.

Room Usage Data fields
Field Name Description
FAE Category REQUIRED - Two-character field identifying the space as classroom, laboratory, vocational, etc (example: A1, A2,C1)
Space Use automatically populates based on the response you made in "FAE Category"
Room Use REQUIRED - identifies room more specifically based on response you made in "FAE Category" (example: Classroom, Interactive classroom)
NACUBO Code REQUIRED - Three-character NACUBO code choices appear based on response you made in "FAE Category" + "Room Use"
CIP Code eight-character academic CIP code is only needed for certain room categories.  Leave blank or select course from drop-down list that best describes the primary use of the room
Functional Code OPTIONAL - another description of how the area is used
Suitability Code OPTIONAL - one-character code describes the suitability of the room for the current use
Matrix Code OPTIONAL - another descriptor of the space that may be helpful for maintenance staff

Page 2 Instructions - Optional

This page is available to record information about the department that uses the space, hazardous materials that may be used or stored in this space, and miscellaneous notes and comments.

Room Entry and Distribution Instruction page

Page 3 Instructions - Optional

This page allows for tracking characteristics such as walls, ceiling, floor, doors, windows, and other comments.

Page 4 Instructions - Optional

This page keeps track of work station, thermostat, doors, keys, architectural plans, and asset details.  

NOTE: When gathering data for a major project capital request, the work station information may be required.

Save your work (1) and exit the screen (2)


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