9.2 Enter a Journal Voucher

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for entering journal vouchers in ctcLink.

Audience:  Accounts Payable staff.

Journal vouchers are used to adjust accounting entries for vouchers that have been posted and paid and for vouchers for which payments have also been posted.

Enter a Journal Voucher

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Accounts Payable > Vouchers > Add/Update > Regular Entry

  1. The Voucher search page displays.
  2. Select the Add a New Value tab.
  3. Enter Business Unit.
  4. Enter Voucher Style = "Journal Voucher".
  5. Enter Supplier ID.
  6. Enter Supplier Location.
  7. Select Add.
Voucher Add a New Value page
  1. The Invoice Information tab displays.  It enables you to enter or view invoice information, including invoice header information, non-merchandise charges, and voucher line and distribution information.  Use journal vouchers to correct accounting entries that have already been posted and paid. You do not change any of the amounts on a journal voucher.
  2. Enter Invoice No.
  3. Enter Invoice Date.
  4. Use the Related Voucher field to enter the number of the voucher against which you need to create the journal voucher.  Enter Related Voucher.
  5. Enter Amount.
  6. Enter Account.
  7. Enter Oper Unit.
  8. Enter Fund.
  9. Enter Dept.
  10. Enter Class.
  11. To add additional Distribution Lines, select the Add a New Row [+] icon.

Note:  Every Journal Voucher requires 4 Distribution Lines. Journal Vouchers are not "paid" but journal entries attached to a voucher. The Cash Lines need to be added in order to move the cash with the expense. For example:

  1. Expense Line (Reversal of original entry)
  2. Cash Line (Off-set of reversal of original entry line)
  3. Expense Line (New entry)
  4. Cash Line (Off-set of new entry)
  1. Select Save.
  2. Notice that the Voucher ID field changes from "NEXT" to a number generated by ctcLink Payables when you save your information.
Invoice Information tab
  1. Process complete.


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