9.2 Veterans Benefit Reporting Overview

Purpose: Use this to complete the sequential process for Veterans Benefit Reporting in ctcLink.  Note that as student enrollment changes (adding and dropping classes), the Update/Create Term Process will need to be run again to update the enrollment certification and tuition worksheets.

Audience: Student Records Staff, campus Veteran Services

Veterans Benefit Reporting Overview

Step 1  Create Veterans Benefit Summary

> Veterans Benefit Summary

Step 2  Run Create/Update Term Process in Update Enrollment mode

> Create/Update Term Process

Step 3  Certify enrollment

> Veterans Enrollment Certification

Step 4  Run Create/Update Term Process in Update Tuition Worksheet mode

> Create/Update Term Process

Step 5  Update Veterans Tuition Worksheet

> Updating the Veterans Tuition Worksheet

Step 6  Create/View Veterans Payment History (optional step)

> Create a Veterans Payment History View

Step 7  For the next term, run the Rollover Benefit Summary process

> Rollover Veterans Benefit Summaries for the Next Term



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