9.2 Awarding a Student Degree

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for awarding a student degree data in ctcLink.

Audience: All Staff

Navigation: NavBar > Records and Enrollment > Career and Program Information > Student Program/Plan

  1. On the Student Program/Plan page, enter a student ID or look up a student by name.
  2. Select the Search button. If multiple results are returned, select the desired institution or student career number.
  3. Select the Include History button located at the bottom right of the page.
  4. Verify the data on the Student Program, Student Plan, and Student Sub-Plan tabs. These pages represent the degree being awarded to the student. Refer to local business practices regarding degree evaluation processes.

*Note: The *Effective Date should not be any other day than the last day of the term.

  1. Select the [+] plus icon, on the right side of the screen, to insert a new effective dated row.
  2. The Effective Date.
    1. Once a row is added, the Effective Date will default to today's date.
    2. Enter the Effective Date to match the last day of the term--
      1. The Effective Date should not be any other day than the last day of the term.
  3. Select "COMP" as the Program Action.
    1. If the student is term activated to future terms, you will receive a notification that states, "The student is term activated in the following future term(s)."
Notification that student is term activated

In the attempt to "COMP" a Student Program Plan where the student is currently enrolled in classes, a Warning will appear.

Warning that student is enrolled in classes after the effective date
  1. Enter the Expected Graduation Term if the term was not previously entered when the graduation application was received. If a term exists in the field, ensure it is the correct term for which you will be awarding.
  1. Select the Student Degrees tab.
  1. Once on the Student Degrees page, you'll notice in the Student Details section the Degree Checkout Stat field.
    1. Degree Checkout Stat: This will display “Approved” and be grayed out. This status will display in the student's homepage.
    2. Completion Term: Input the term the degree is being awarded.
    3. Degree GPA: Input the Degree GPA if that is a part of your college's business practice.
    4. Degree Honors 1 and 2: Input or Look Up Honors codes if applicable.
Input the term the degree is awarded
  1. Select the Update Degrees button. The record will display, "The Degree records were updated successfully," and will automatically save. 
  2. The Degree Checkout Stat field will update to "Degree Awarded."
  3. Further edits will require a user to revoke the degree or make updates on the Student Degree page. To revoke a degree, follow the Remove (Revoke) a Degree QRG.
Nofication that the decree records update was successful
  1. Process complete.


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