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9.2 Enrollment Cancellation Population (aka Drop for Non-Payment)

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for processing the enrollment cancellation student population in ctcLink.  This population query process should be run multiple times in order to first produce a list of students to review and share between institutional departments and then to produce a final population to be dropped after students have been removed from this population.

This process is only the population of students, a final mass term drop process will conclude.

Please take time to review the over-arching steps involved with dropping students for non-payment.

Audience: Student Financials staff, Registration & Records staff

Run the Population for Enrollment Cancellation

Navigation:  Student Financials > Tuition and Fees > Cancellation > Cancel Enrollment

  1. Select the Add a New Value tab and create a new Run Control ID.
  2. Or enter an existing Run Control ID
  3. Select Search or Add.

The below Enrollment Cancellation 1 tab displays.

  1. Enter the Business Unit on the Enrollment Cancellation 1 tab.
  2. Report Only
    1. Check the Report Only box to view a list of students eligible for cancellation without actually compiling the population. A Request ID # is not produced when in Report Only mode.
    2. Uncheck the Report Only checkbox if this is the actual run to drop all students and create the official population to drop. This action will produce a Request ID # that should be used for the final mass term withdrawal/drop process.
  3. Select the Term Cancellation radio button.
  4. Enter the Term for which this population should be considered.
  5. Select one of the following for the Selection Criteria section:
    1. All: Select to review all students in the business unit who meet the criteria that you specify.
    2. Tuition Group: Select to review students within a specific tuition group.
    3. Academic Program: Select to review student within specific academic programs.
  6. In the Aging Criteria section, select the By Date radio button and enter the payment deadline date. 
  7. In the Past Due section, enter the student balance threshold amount into the Initial Amount field.
Enrollment Cancellation 1 rab
  1. Select the Enrollment Cancellation 2 tab (image below.)
  2. Item Group Selection - Consider the item types to include in each students balance threshold. Within the Item Group Selection area lives four options that are used for calculating the balance for each student. If selected, each of the four options require a term/time frame associated.  
    1. The top/first field is titled Charges make up the student's balance owed. The items types gathered together in the "Item Group" are  tuition like charges and will be the balance threshold field used in the Initial Amount Past Due field on the previous (Enrollment Cancellation 1) tab.
    2. The next or second field down is titled Unapplied Payments.  This group of item types can represent credit balances on personal payments. Similar to the first option, an Item Group is necessary so that ctcLink can look for payments that should be included against those tuition like charges.  The From/To Term can be used to include a single term or multiple terms (or to even include a full academic year.)
    3. The third field down is titled Unapplied Financial Aid. This row of parameters should include an Item Group that represents  financial aid that can reflect against the balance owed on the top Charges line. Be sure to include the term or terms in the From/To Term(s) fields for this row of data.
    4. At the bottom of this list is Anticipated Aid. Here, you may only select to include or exclude anticipated aid.  You may want to review what aid is considered to be anticipated with your financial aid office. As with the other items, it is necessary to include terms. 

Be careful in your consideration not only for the charge or payment Item Groups, but for which terms those charge/payment item groups should be included as the students Initial Amount Past Due balance.

  1. Options:
    1. Cancel Completed Classes:  Select this option to cancel classes that have been completed but not graded. The system does not cancel any classes for which the student has received grades.
    2. Cancel Classes with Grades:  If grades have been entered, and you want to include graded classes in the cancellation process, select this option to cancel classes with grades.
    3. Eligible to Enroll:  If you select this check box, the Enrollment Cancellation process selects the Eligible to Enroll check box on the Term Activation page for students selected by the process. If you do not select this check box, the Enrollment Cancellation process clears the Eligible to Enroll check box on the Term Activation page for students that were selected by the process.
      1. (Mostly, we have seen just the Eligible to Enroll button selected (of these options.))
  2. Service Impact
    1. The NOCAN Service Impact is to exclude students from the enrollment cancellation process.

After reviewing this population the first time, add an appropriate service indicator (with the NOCAN impact) to student accounts to keep them from being included in the final population query.

Enrollment Cancellation 2 tab
  1. Select the Run button and then select the OK button on the Process Scheduler Request page. This process may take considerable time to complete.
Process Scheduler Request page
  1. Select the Display Cancellation hyperlink (on the below image) to review Enrollment Cancellation nominees once the process shows as Success/Posted.
  2. Make a note of the Batch ID once the process is run. You will need this to review the list of students.
Enrollment Cancellation 1 tab Process Instance number and Display Cancellation highlighted

Once the Population has been confirmed and vetted, please continue with 9.2 Completing the Enrollment Cancellation Process.

Helpful Query:

  • QCS_SF_ENROLL_CANCEL_REPORT - Use the Batch ID # for a report that may be emailed as a spreadsheet.

Enrollment Cancellation Report

Navigation:  Student Financials > Tuition and Fees > Cancellation > Report Cancellation

  1. Enter an existing Run Control ID or select the Add a New Value tab and create a new Run Control ID.
  2. Enter the Batch ID from the process above.
  3. Select the Run button.
Enrollment Cancellaton Run button
  1. Select the check mark Term/Classes Cancellation box for the BI Publisher process type.  We are not using Crystal as a process type.
  2. Select the OK button.
Process List section
  1. Select the Process Monitor link and verify the run status is Success and the distribution Status is Posted. You may have to click the Refresh button occasionally.
  2. Select the Go Back to Enrollment Cancellation link.
Run Status and Distrution Status
  1. Select the Report Manager link.
  2. Select the most recent report and open the pdf. file to view the students selected for enrollment Cancellation.
Enrollment Cancellation Report pdf link

Optional: Review Students Selected for Cancellation

Navigation:  Student Financials > Tuition and Fees > Cancellation > Review Enrollment Cancellation

  1. Enter the Business Unit and Batch ID.
  2. Provide the Batch ID number to the other departments to verify if a student should/should not be on there.  If there is a student that SHOULD NOT be on the list, please have that department assign a service indicator of NOCAN. You will need to rerun the enrollment cancellation process to remove the student from the list.
  3. Make a note of the Request ID for enrollment services to use to finish the cancellation process.
Enrollment Cancellation page


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