9.2 Removing Students from the My Advisees List

Purpose:  This document will assist staff with removing students form the My Advisees list

Audience:  Academic Advisors

Background Information for the Student Advisor Page

Navigation: NavBar > Records and Enrollment > Student Background Information > Student Advisor

  • A student will only be removed from the My Advisee list for the following reasons:
    1. Their program is not active
    2. They are assigned to another advisor or advising committee.
  • On the Student Program/Plan page, certain program actions will inactivate the program.
    1. For example, when a student graduates, their program/plan is updated with the action COMP (Completed) and the student is removed from the My Advisees list (image below).
  • Inactivating a student’s program/plan stack is not necessary or recommended if the student should be removed because they are no longer attending.  
  • If a student has not attended for several terms, the college may want to leave their program/plan stack active but remove them from the advising load.  

Create a Blank Advising Committee

  • A workaround to remove the student off the My Advisees list is to reassign the student from the current advisor to an advising committee.  
  • This advising committee will be blank (meaning no committee members assigned) which results in the student being removed from the advisor list and the student will not see advisor information in their ctcLink Student Homepage.

Navigation: NavBar > Campus Community > Committees > Committee Type/Role

  1. Select the Add a New Value tab and enter a Committee Type.
Committee Type Role page
  1. Update the Effective Date to 01/01/1901.
  2. Enter Description fields, and select a Committee Role.
  3. Select Save.
COmmittee Description and Role

Manage Committees

  1. Navigate to Campus Community > Committees > Manage Committees
  2. Select the Add a New Value tab and enter a Committee.
Committe Tab
  1. Update the Effective Date to 01/01/1901.
  2. Enter the Committee Name and the Committee Type you created in the previous step.
Committee Details
  1. Select the Committee Members tab
  2. Do not enter values on this tab, fields will be left blank.
  3. Select Save.
Committee Members Leave Blank
  1. You can now assign students to this advising committee who are no longer attending.

The image below displays an example of assigning the committee to a student from the Student Advisor page.  

  • You can also assign the committee in batch using Batch Advisor Assignment.

The below image illustrates the student view from the ctcLink Student Homepage.


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