9.2 Defining Academic Requirements

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to define academic requirements in ctcLink

Audience: Degree Audit Builders

Defining Academic Requirements

Navigation: NavBar > Navigator > Academic Advisement > Academic Requirements > Define Academic Requirements

  1. On the Define Academic Requirements page, select Add a New Value tab.
  2. Accept the default of 00000000 in Academic Requirements.  
  3. Select Add.  The Define Academic Requirements page will display.
Add a New Value tab
  1. Select the Requirement tab.
  2. In the Basic Data section, enter the following fields.
    1. Effective Date: Enter an effective date for the requirement.  The effective dating of academic requirements should be synchronized with the publication of official college curriculum.  
      • For summer and fall curriculum, requirements should use a 6/1 effective date.
      • For winter and spring curriculum, or curriculum addenda, requirements should use a 10/1 effective date.
    2. Status: Select Active.
    3. Requirement Usage: Enter or look up ADV (Academic Advisement).
  3. Use the Academic Structure section to document departmental ownership of the course list. These fields are used for prompting and documentation only and do not affect auditing analysis.  Enter the following fields.
    1. Academic Institution: Set to your college's institution code.
    2. Academic Career: Specify the Academic Career this rule applies to (UGRD).
    3. Academic Program (Optional):  Specify the Academic Program to which this requirement applies.
    4. Academic Plan (Optional): Specify the Academic Plan to which this requirement applies.
    5. Academic Sub-Plan (Optional):  Specify the Academic Sub-Plan to which this requirement applies.
  4. In the Description Fields section, enter the following fields.
    1. Search Description: Enter a meaningful description for the requirement group.  This description appears in search results for requirement groups.  
    2. Short Search Description: This field is being used by custom processes/queries and requires specific formatting and naming conventions.  Please reference your local College configuration guide or speak with the person responsible for AAR maintenance at your College.
    3. Long Description: Enter the same value as the Report Description field.
    4. Report Description and Report Long Description: Enter a description and a long description that you want to appear on the advisement report generated using the Request Advisement Report or Generate Advisement Reports components. Use the long description to further explain the requirement group.
  5. In the Display of Status section, select the Hide Status checkbox if you do not want to show the status of Satisfied or Not Satisfied on the degree audit report at the Requirement Level. The default for this field is unchecked.  
  6. In the Pre-condition section, select a Condition Code as a precondition to restrict application of the requirement to students who match that precondition. For example, if a requirement has a precondition of Student Group Equal Veteran, then this requirement applies only to students who are assigned the Student Group of Veteran. If this precondition is false for a student, then the system does not apply the requirement to the student, but skips it during analysis.
Requirement Tab
  1. On the Line Item tab, enter information into the following fields.
    1. Line Type
    2. Search Description
    3. Short Search Description
    4. Long Description
    5. Report Description
    6. Report Long Description

*Note: Select the [+] button to add more line items.

Line Item Tab
  1. On the Line Item Parameters tab, enter information in the appropriate combination for your configuration in the following sections.
    1. Unit, Course, and GPA Values
    2. Resolution Methodology
    3. Display Control
    4. Display if Satisfied
Line Item Parameters Tab
  1. On the Line Item Detail tab, enter information into the following sections.
    1. Line Item
    2. Line Item Detail
  2. Select Save.
Line Item Detail Tab
  1. Process complete.


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