9.2 Delegate Authority

Purpose:  Use this document to delegate authority for approving time, etc.

Audience:  Managers/Employees

Navigation:  Navigator> Self Service > Manage Delegation

Time and Labor uses delegation to enable one person to authorize another to serve as his or her representative when manageing time transactions.  A manager can delegate their tasks of approving time, entering employee time, or entering their own time to another person due to workload or their own absence.

There are three links on Delegation Home Page - one for each way of managing delegation:

Learn More about Delegation - click here to learn more about delegation.

Create Delegation Request - click here to create a delegation request so that your transaction(s) can be taken care of by a proxy.

Review My Proxies - click here to view a list of transactions thta you have delegated to proxies and to revoke the delegated authority of proxies.

  1. Select the Create Delegation Request link.
Manage Delegation page
  1. Choose From Date.
  2. Choose To Date.
  3. Select Next.
Enter dates page
  1. Select the box next to line of delegation(s).
  2. Select Next.
Select Transactions page
  1. Choose delegate name.
  2. Select Next.
  3. Select Submit.
  4. Select OK.
  1. Select My Proxies link.
  2. Choose drop down menu to Show Requests by Status.
  3. Select Refresh.
  4. Select Return to Manage Delegation link to return to main screen.
Revoke Delegation
  1. Navigate to Review My Proxies link.
  2. Select box next to selected Transaction.
  3. Select Revoke.
  4. Select Yes-Continue to continue or No-Cancel to cancel action.
  5. Select OK.