Service Indicator Security

Navigation:  Main Menu> Set Up SACR> Security> Secure Student Administration> User ID> Service Indicator Security. 

  1. Enter the User ID.  
  2. Click Search.
Find an Existing Value tab

If you get several results, choose the one that you will be working with.

In this example, you can give a user the ability to place or release a Service Indicator via the check boxes. 

Security Settings section

Also, just as any other field with a magnifying glass next to it, you can get a list of all the items available to assign.

Search Results

Each Service Indicator code has at least one Reason Code. When you assign a Service Indicator you need to select the appropriate Reason Code.

Look Up Reason


  1. When you have finished assigning Service Indicators, click Save.
  2. Click Return to Search.



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