CS 9.2 - SACR Security: Test ID Security

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for applying Test ID security in ctcLink.

Audience:  Local Security Administrators

You must have the ZZ Local Security Admin or ZZ Local SACR Security Admin role for this navigation.  For more information about these two roles, please refer to the CS 9.2 All 'ZZ' Security Roles (Processor) QRG.

User ID based security for test IDs ensures users access and process only the test data for which they have permission.  Users attempting to view, enter or update test scores for a student must have the ZZ CS Test Processing (view/update) or ZD CS Test Processing (view only) role for access to the Test Results page.  In order to view test results for ANY students SACR Security for Test IDs must be applied. There are Test IDs that are Global and Test IDs that are local to individual colleges.  Due to this, the ALL option is not permissible for colleges, as this grants access to Test IDs outside their institution. Test IDs security must ONLY be assigned for those tests that are applicable to the institution, while largely Global in nature, some Test IDs are institution specific.

Because the menus for the Load Processes and the Suspense pages have been consolidated, users must enter a test ID to access the correct pages, accessible only if the user has both the ZZ CS Test Score Loads  role and SACR Security for Test IDs. This security will also determine what test scores the user will see in Test Results and Academic Test Summary.

Select the test IDs for which a user has Read/Write security on the Test ID Security page. The system enforces test ID security on the following components:

For example, to review suspense data, users navigate to the External Test Score Suspense component. To review posted test data, users navigate to the Test Results component. Users enter the test ID that they want to review (and for which they have Test ID security), and the appropriate pages appear.

To establish Test ID Security, navigate to the Test ID Security page and enter the EMPLID of the user your would like to grant access to.

Navigation:  Main Menu> Set Up SACR> Security> Secure Student Administration> User ID> Test ID  Security.  

  1. Enter the User ID that you will be working with.
  2. Click Search.
  1. Click the look-up icon to view the list of available Test IDs and select the appropriate Test ID codes for your institution. Please note that the HSMATHGRID Test ID was configured to support pilot colleges participating in the Math Placement Grant Project.
  2. Click the Plus (+) symbol to add a new row for each Test ID.
  3. When you’re finished, click Save.
  4. Click Return to Search.



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