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CS 9.2 SACR Security - Academic Program Security

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for securing which Academic Programs a user can view/update in ctcLink.  All administrative system users with 'Z' security roles in the Campus Solution pillar require basic SACR Security, but users who Academic Program data will require the granting of that specific access.  

Audience: Managers requesting/approving security access for staff in the Campus Solutions pillar and College IT  Security needing clarity on the access requested.

You must have the ZZ Local Security Admin or ZZ Local SACR Security Admin role for this navigation.  For more information about these two roles, please refer to the CS 9.2 All 'ZZ' Security Roles (Processor) QRG.

Academic Program Security is granted by colleges for each Academic Career, the Undergraduate (UGRD) Academic Career and the Continuing Education (CNED) career. Colleges may choose to isolate access to specified programs or select all programs offered within each Academic Career at the college. Academic Program Security is setup for each career, selecting the 'All Access' button applies only to the career selected.  Academic Program security allows colleges to limit the programs the user is allowed to view, and therefore the student information they can see attributable to that allowed program.

Academic Program is also used to secure search pages, and is required for users searching for records to view student program plan stack information. Academic Program Security exists to either limit the user to accessing particular student populations, such as students in a particular school (Institution/Campus Security), in a particular career (Academic Career Security) and in a particular program (Academic Program security). Prior to setting up Academic Program Security for a User ID, that User ID must have completed the steps for SACR Basic Requirements, which define the access to the institution, career(s), campus location(s) and academic organization(s) or the system will prevent the assignment of Academic Program Security for that User ID.  

The lack of SACR Security for an Academic Program does not prevent the ability to "see" programs in the Search Criteria Look Up, but will prevent search results from being returned that are related to a program a user does not have access to.

If a specific program should not be accessible, it can be included as individual rows with the No Access option selected.

Key security roles requiring Academic Program Security:

Navigation:  Set Up SACR > Security > Secure Student Administration > User ID > Academic Program Security

  1. Enter User ID (EMPLID).
  2. Enter Academic Institution* or leave blank.
  3. Enter Academic Career or leave blank.
  4. Click Search.
Academic Program Security - Google Chrome

Prior to setting attempting to add Academic Program Security, you should have completed the steps for SACR Basic Requirements.  The user must have access to either the CNED (Continuing Education) and/or UGRD (Undergraduate) as depicted below or you will receive an error and will need to go back and establish the basic SACR Security before returning to grant them access on this page.  

  1. Click the link in the search results to select the Career you wish to add/change.
Academic Program Security - Google Chrome
  1. Either click the All Access button to populate the ALL in the Academic Program field or use the Look Up (spy glass) icon to search for an individual program. Use the Plus (+) symbol to add additional rows for more than one program in a career.  If there is a particular program the user is explicitly excluded from accessing student information on, set the Access Code to No Access, otherwise all access codes will by  Read/Write Access by default.


Academic Program Security - Google Chrome
Academic Program Security - Google Chrome
  1. When done entering programs, click Save.
  2. When done with saving the entry, click Return to Search to add program access under another Career.


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