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9.2 FSCM Security - Using Launchpad to Copy User Preference Definition Settings

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for how to copy User Preference Definition (UPD) settings from one user to another.

Audience:  Finance and Security staff

Only Local Security Administrators have access to update these via the ZZ Local Security Admin role and view them with the ZD Local Security Admin role

If  you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Using Launchpad to Copy User Preference Definition Settings

Navigation: NavBar > Navigator > Launchpad > Launchpad

The CTC custom Launchpad tool had been updated.  The Copy User Preferences Setup Security component has changed, and the Launch Security Matrix and Launch Permission ListRole Builder components have been removed.  Here's what the Launchpad landing page looks like now:

Launchpad landing page

The Copy From and Copy To search results are limited to users at the Local Security Administrator's institution:

Copy From and Copy To results

The LSA’s institution is based on the Primary Permission List in User Profile.

Nav: Main Menu > PeopleTools > Security > User Profiles > Distributed User Profiles

Distributed User Profile General tab

COPY TO allows for selecting multiple user ID’s:

Copy User Preference Setup page

Procurement>Requester field

If COPY FROM Requester field is blank, then COPY TO will retain the existing Requester value:

Procurement Requester field

New Query to Audit Record User Preferences added and runs by Business Unit:  QFS_SEC_AUDIT_USER_PREFERENCES:

new query image


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