FSCM 9.2 - Grants Security

Purpose: Use this document as a resources for applying security for roles within Grants and Project Costing

Audience: Grants and Project Costing staff

Without this additional Grant security the below roles for Grants and Project Costing will not work properly.

  • ZD Grants-Contracts Inq
  • ZD Project Costing Inquiry
  • ZZ Grant Processing
  • ZZ Proposal Processing
  • ZZ Awards Processing
  • ZZ Project Costing Processing
  • ZZ Project Cost Entry-Maint

Navigation: Set up Financials > Security > Setup Grants Security

  1. On the Grants Operator Security - Find an Existing Value tab, enter the User ID of the person that has one of the above security roles.

*Note the User ID number will automatically default to the User ID that you are logged in under.

  1. Select the Search button.
Grants Operator Security - Find an Existing Value tab
  1. Select your college set ID from the Tree SetID field.
  2. Enter or select the tree name "SetID_GM_SECURITY" in the Tree Name field.

Example: If your college SetID is WA000, the first part of the Tree Name would be the numbers of the SetID (000) plus, GM_SECURITY. For this example, the Tree Name would be 000_GM_SECURITY.

  1. Enter the effective date in the Effective Date of Tree field.
  2. Select the "ALL_DEPT" option for All Departments in the Department field.
  3. Select the appropriate Access Code.
    1. The "Read/Write" option will give the user read/write access.
    2. The "Read" option will only provide the user read access.
  4. Select the Save button.
Grants Security page


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