Local Security Management Plan Guide

Each deployment group engages in the Security Matrix Mapping activity, where Local Security Administrators (LSAs) assign the necessary security roles to ensure employees have access to the ctcLink pages they need to perform their job duties. At the same time, LSAs begin planning how they will transition from supporting security requests in legacy to managing security on ctcLink.  A guide to help colleges determine the best approach to managing security after Go Live and ensure readiness for effective security management is provided below.  This guide, coupled with a series of support sessions are designed to help colleges envision the future of security at their institutions and define the business practices the college will adopt once in ctcLink.  

Colleges are tasked with providing an initial insight to current and planned practices.  Create documentation and work-stream diagrams for how daily responsibilities and issues will be tracked, addressed and communicated.  Colleges will be asked to provide their initial response, be provided an opportunity during UAT to exercise those business practices and just prior to Go Live, submit their final Local Security Management plans.

Local Security Management Plan Guide


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