Giving Access to Checklists

Purpose:  Use this document to give access to checklists.

Audience:  Security.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Campus Community > Checklists > Set Up Checklist > Checklist 3C Groups

  1. Select the Academic Institution. (Enter info or click on lookup icon/magnifying glass to select from drop down menu).
  2. Enter the code in the Checklist Code field. (This example will use RSP01).
  3. Click Search.
  1. Click on the Checklist Code you searched.  (The name displayed under Group is the 3C's Group the checklist is associated).

Navigation:  Main Menu > Set Up SACR > Security > Secure Student Administration > User ID > 3C Group Security

QCS_CC_CHKLST_3CGRP--3C's GRP Lookup for Checklist Code. This query will allow you to enter your Institution and Checklist Code to identify which 3C Group the checklist code is assigned to.

3C Update/Inquiry Group Description 
Admissions 3C Group
Enrollment 3C Group
FA Super User
FA View Only
FA View Update
Student Financials Coll 3C Grp
  1. Enter the User ID.
  2. Click Search.

From here, just like with adding roles, you can add the 3C groups that will give you access to the checklist.  

  1. Select the Institution, 3C Update/Inquiry Group, and the check boxes to allow different levels of security.


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