9.2 Process Running Start

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for calculating Running Start tuition and fees through ctcLink.

Audience: Running Start Staff

Student Running Start

Navigation:  Student Financials > Tuition and Fees > CTC Custom > Student Running Start

  1. Enter the Student ID and Academic Institution.
  2. Select the Search button.
  3. Select the Term to update.

NOTE: The list may have one value or many.  Choose one.

Student Running Start Find an Exisitng Value tab
  1. Select the Update/View Student Groups Link found in Student Running Start Information box.
Student Running Start tab Update/View Student Groups link
  1. In Student Group field enter SRSR. For students which meet Fee Waiver requirements enter SRSL.

*Note - It may be necessary to add a row in the Academic Institution Details area so that a new Student Group can be added.

  1. Verify appropriate Academic Institution is listed and also enter Effective Date (for this purpose, it is the date you are processing/entering necessary docs for enrollment and/or fee waiver).  
  2. Select the OK button. (You will be returned to Student Running Start page.)
Student Groups Effective Date highlighted
  1. On the Student Running Start tab, enter the High School District Code.
  2. Enter High School Code.
  3. Enter Grade Level.
  4. Enter FTE Units and Maximum Units allowed (all other fields are optional).
  5. Select the Save button.
Running Start Page Student Running Start information

Depending on how individual institutions process Running Start students, this step may include the student taking their Running Start materials to the Enrollment office for processing prior to the Billing Units being completed.

Billing Units
  1. Select the Billing Units tab.
  2. Verify Billing Unit fields equal Maximum Units field from Student Running Start tab. For example, if student has 15 Max Units allowed but is enrolled in 16 due to Lab class, the Billing Units column should ADD up to 1.0 (possible class schedule: MATH& 254 0.01+ ENGL& 101 0.01+ CS 143 0.98=1.0). If student is within Max Units allowed, ALL enrolled Class Nbr rows should show 0.01 as this is a specific Running Start formula necessary to trigger charging of fees ONLY for state supported classes.

NOTE:  Users can only adjust billing units on classes that are state funded (Fund Source 1). All other fund sources are grayed out and charged tuition as well as identified in Course Attribute Value column and Descr column. Below College Level classes are charged full tuition. Catalog Numbers 99 and below have been defined as meeting this criteria.

  1. OPTIONAL STEP: Staff have the ability to override billing units in cases where the student's billing units should be waived or charged differently than the standard rules. Adjust the billing units and check the Manual Override box before saving. You must flag the Manual Override box in right hand corner before clicking Save to "lock" in Billing Units you changed. If you do not lock the page, the system will undo your changes upon exiting. ***Please ensure you are in compliance with State Board guidelines before doing any override.
Billing Units tab
  1. Staff can review/validate students tuition and fees through View Student Account on RS Billing Units Page. Upon opening this page, it gives up to date account information. Choose the Account Details link for specific Term you desire to view. This will provide all individual Item Details. You can return to RS page by clicking Go to Running Start button in top right corner.
  2. Choose the Account Details link for specific Term you desire to view. This will provide all individual Item Details.

NOTE:  Tuition calculation is run on a nightly basis for all students so Step 16 is ideally used only for validation at this time.

Billing Units tab View Student Account
Customer Accounts Account Details link


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