Setting up Object Security

Purpose: Object Level Security (OLS) is useful for many reasons.  The main use of OLS is to be able to control what information is accessiblee or not accessible to certain security groups.

Audience: 25Live Functional Administrators

  1. To set-up OLS, you need to log into your Admin Utility and open up a record that you want to edit.  This record could be an event, a resource, a location, or perhaps a report.
  1. To access OLS settings, you need to open up your Admin utility and find the data you want to edit.  As a reminder, you can edit more then one record at a time.  In this example, we are looking at a resource record.
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the resource record and you will see Object Security (right above Assignment Policy).  
    • When you open the Object Security section, you will see all the security groups that have been created.  Most security groups will have the radio button of “View Only” selected which allows each group to be able to see the location.  However, if you wanted to hide this resource to one or more security groups, then you click “Not Visible.”
    • For most data, only the administrators should be able to Edit, Delete & Copy.  For most security groups, the setting for almost all the data will revolve around “View” and “Not Visible.”
Object Security Settings
  1. The last important piece to remember in using OLS is to make sure it’s turned on.  For a school that is already using 25Live, it should currently be enabled.  Once it’s turned to Enable, then you never want to turn it off.  For a new implementation that is building its database from scratch, then it’s best to configure all the settings first and then switch it to Enable.
Home Security Screen
Object Security Enabled


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