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How to EXPORT an Academic Term from 25Live to CS using LYNX

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to use the Campus Solutions/25 Live LYNX Interface.

Audience: CS Room Reservation Staff and Functional Administrators

  1. Once the Academic Term has been imported into 25Live from CS and you have troubleshooted all the issues and have as assigned rooms to your all your classes using some of the tools in 25Live such as the Optimizer, you can now push over those room assignments back over to CS.  As a reminder, room locations (Facility ID's) is the only data element pushed over to CS.   It’s important to note that CS is your academic record and not 25Live.  Therefore any changes to the curriculum involving meeting patterns, faculty name, capacity, etc. should be made in CS.  You can use 25live to assign classroom space and that should be the only change to academic course information made in 25Live.
  2. The CS/25Live interface is hosted by CollegeNET and is designed as a conduit between CS and 25Live.  Log into the  https://lynx.collegenet.com/sbctct using your school assigned LYNX username and password.  You SBCTC support person will have these credentials for you and will also have your interface configured and tested prior to providing you the credentials.              
  1. Once you are logged in, you will want to confirm there is a connection between CS and 25Live and can confirm this by seeing the APP OK in green on the Home screen
  1. Once you have signed in and confirmed there is a connection, then you want to create an extract set.  You should go to the "Export to 25Live" drop down field and select Extract Sets and then select on the bottom New Extract Set.
  1. Once you click on the New Extract Set, you will be able to title the extract set with the quarter and term.  You will also need to select filter criteria.  You will need select the term code for the extract set and also your school institutional code (WA220, WA171, etc).
  1. When you have Saved your criteria, you can click on the Back button and then select the extract set and then click on the Review and Export button.
  1. The Review and Export process will bring up two screen.  The first screen will Review the data and confirm how many classes will be exported.  You will then get a Confirmation message confirming how may sections are being exported back to CS. The Export screen will break down the import into "chunks."  This could be 1-7 chunks depending on how large of school and how many classes are being imported.
Export Confirmation Message


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