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Setting Up Basic Pricing--Part I

Create Rate Groups

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to start using basic pricing functionality

Audience: 25Live Functional Administrators and Event Schedulers

Pricing is tied to your organizations.  You are required to choose an organization for each event. The cornerstone to your pricing structure is going to be around your mix of organizations on and off campus.

The first task when setting up your pricing is to create your Rate Groups.  If you were to look at your current rate structure on campus, how many different types of rates do you charge organizations?  You may have an internal rate that you charge your staff organizations and student groups or perhaps your student groups get charged a different rate?  You may have a government rate or possibly a non-profit rate you charge to these type of groups and probably have higher rate you charge to businesses and for profit organizations.

  1. Log into the Admin Utility.  
  2. Go the Pricing Tab and scroll down to Rate Groups.  
  3. Click the Add Rate Group button and build your different Rate Groups.
  4. Click the Update Rate Groups button.
  1. Go to the Organization Tab and then scroll down to your Types.
  2. Click in the drop down box in the Default Rate Group columns and associate the correct Rate Group with the Organization Type.
  1. When adding new organizations, make sure to select the "Type" of organization and that will correlate with the specific Rate Group for that type.
  1. The next step is to create your Rate Schedules which is in Part II.


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