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How to add an Image to your Location Details

Purpose: Adding images of your space layouts and of the spaces themselves is a powerful way to showcase your campus locations.

Audience: All 25live Users

  1. Viewing images require that you log into your 25Live User URL and then open up a Location record.  You could be on the Availability grid looking for an available location to host your event and want to see what the space looks like or you could be in the Event Wizard.  
  1. When in the Location details, you should see some Features, Attributes, Categories and Layouts.  
  1. To add an image to the space detail, you need to to log into the Admin Utility.
  1. Go to Locations, Manage Locations, find the room where you want to add the image and then edit click the Edit icon.
  1. Once in the Edit details, scroll down Layouts and click the Edit link.
  1. Once in the Edit section of Layouts, you can select your photos.


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