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How to Add a New Security Group and Approver

Purpose: There are a few ways to handle adding approvers so it really depends on whether you are dealing with a new user to 25Live or perhaps need to move a user to a different group.  There should be a security group assigned to approve each space and resource.  If someone is changing jobs and they are now approving something else, you just move them to the appropriate security group.  If a new person is hired to replace someone who is an approver then you add them as a contact and put them in the appropriate security group.  If you need to add a new person and/or security group, there are a few extras steps that will be explained below.

Audience: 25Live Functional Administrators

  1. Log into your Admin utility/URL.  Go to the Security tab and then Manage Functional Security Groups.
  1. If you need to add a new security group, the easiest scenario is to find a comparable security group and make a copy of that security group and then re-name the copy and make the appropriate edits.
  1. Adding a new contact can entirely depend on your campus authentication.  If you are using native authentication and not LDAP or ADFS, then it’s very easy to add a new contact.  If you’re using a form of authentication (which is the preferred set-up), then having the person log into 25Live would automatically populate 25Live with their contact information.  
    • To move contacts between security groups, you stay in the Admin utility and move to the Contacts tab then click on the Manage Contacts section.  
    • Search for the Contact name and then edit the Contact.
    • Go to the User Information section and click on the “Security Group” drop down box which will bring up all your security groups. This is where you can move a contact to a different security group.
  1. Now that you added or modified the security group and contact, you need to deal with assignment policy which determines which security group can approve Location and Resources.  Both Locations and Resources are handled the exact same way.
    • Go to the Locations Tab and then Manage Locations and then search for the Location you want to edit.
  1. Click the Edit button and scroll down to Assignment Policy and click Edit again.  
  1. Find the security group that should be approving the Locations.  Most groups will have Request rights.  The Functional Admin groups may or not may have rights depending on preference or functional admin role at your school.  
    • Find the appropriate approver group and then check the Assign/Unassign/Approve access.  
    • When finished with changes, please make sure to save your setting changes.


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