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Creating Searches for Space Utilization Reports

Purpose: To create reports collecting utilization data for space management purposes such as managing your space use policy or submitting your institutional capital budget request.

Audience: 25Live Functioanl Administrators and Senior Management

  1. Log into your 25Live User tool.  Both an Event and a Location search are needed for your reports.
  1. You first need to create your event search.  At a minimum there should be two different searches used in looking at your space utilization. Your first event search used in this analysis will be your academic courses.  Your second search should be all events.   A college environment is more then classes.  There are student events, athletic events, community events and other staff activities.  Therefore, it is good practice to review how your rooms are being used by classes and all other type of activities.
  1. For the Academic search you want to go to the Events tab and then click on the Advanced Event Search and click New Search.
  1. The next step will be to choose your criteria for the querry.  Click Add Criteria.
    • The first criteria will be picking the appropriate cabinet.  Since we are looking at academics in the first report, you want to choose your Academic Cabinet.  In this example, the school is calling their Academic Cabinet "Imported Sections."  
    • If you wanted to look at All Events, then it would be appropriate to check on both cabinets.
  1. The next Criteria for your academic search is to choose the associated academic term.  Go to Events, Advanced Event Search, Add Criteria, Categories, click the Pencil Icon and choose the associated term code.
  1. Once finished selecting the criteria for your Academic Search, you can click the Load List button which will display your search resutls and then Save your search.
  1. The next step is to create your Location Search.  You will follow a similar process from above.  Click on the Locations Tab, then Advanced Location Search, then New Search and then Add Criteria.  The Criteria used for Locations is the Room Use Code which is located within the Custom Attributes.
  1. Once your searches are prepared, then you are ready to run your utilization report.
  1. Go to Reports, Other Reports, and find the Location Utilization - Excel report and then add your report parameters.


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