How to Create a "To Do" Task

Purpose:  Creating "To Do's" are a great way to set-up reminders for an event.  They show up in your workflow but they also notify you by email and can be set-up and sent-out to other users.

Audience: All 25Live users

  1. Log into your 25Live user URL.  
  1. You can set-up a To Do for an existing event or a new event:
    • Locate Event
    • Click on the Task List
    • Scroll down to the Create "To Do" Task


Event  Details Screen
  1. The Create "To Do" Task will ask for a name of your task.  It will also ask you for date and who the task was assigned to and by whom.  
Create To Do Task page
  1. When reviewing your tasks from from the Dashboard screen, you will see a list of tasks assigned by you and assigned to you.
  1. When looking at the Tasks tab, you will see more details of your outstanding tasks.  In addition, you will also receive an e-mail reminder if your e-mail notification functionality is turned on.


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