Managing Your Task List

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to manage you task list in 25Live.

Audience: 25Live Staff

  1. Log into your 25Live User environment.  Once logged in, you will receive a message informing you of any Overdue tasks with your security group.
  1. When logged in, make sure you are on the Dashboard screen. From there, you can access your Tasks list from the Tasks tab or from the Tasks section on the Dashboard page.
  1. Once inside the Tasks section, you will have an Overview of Tasks tab, Tasks Agenda tab and also an Advanced Task Search Tab which will allow you to view tasks assigned to other 25Live users.
  1. The Overview of Tasks sections will list which tasks are Outstanding, Overdue, and Completed, and also which are assigned by you.  From this screen, you can click right into the Event if you need to review some information or simply hit the green thumbs up for Assign or red thumbs down for Deny.  This action will remove the task from the Outstanding list.
  1. The Advanced Task Search tab is important to be able to see tasks assigned to other users and who they are assigned by.  This is critical when people are on vacation and need backup when they are gone.  For a successful scheduling process, you want to make sure tasks are being responded to in a timely manner.


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