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Adding an Attachment to Event Details

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to add an attachment to event details in 25Live.

Audience: Staff working with room reservations.

  1. The first step to using the functionality of adding attachments to your event details is to make sure this is included in your event wizard configuration.  Please make sure to add to both the Requestor or Create event Wizard but also the other wizards such as the Scheduler and or Edit Wizards if your school that has separate wizards for different users.
  2. Log into your 25Live Configuration URL and make sure the “Attached Files” section is activated and then add the proper text if necessary in the text field for instructing the user. This will add this functionality to your Event Wizard.
Custom Configurations  Page of the Event Wizard Tab
  1. To create an event, log into your 25Live User URL.
  2. Open the Event Details if the event currently exist or create a new event by opening the Event Wizard or clicking the pencil icon or clicking the “Create an Event” icon.
Event Wizard Tab - Create an Event Section
  1. Create your event by going through the different screens/pages of the event wizard. Once you get past the screens for assigning locations and resources, you will come across the screen to “Add or remove ATTACHED FILE.”  This is the best place to add a campus map or provide room location logistics.  These attachments will be included in the confirmation (URL) you send to your requestor but will be stored in the Event Details, so the customer will need to open the event to see these attachments.
Event Wizard tab - Add or remove Attached Files
  1. These attachments can be added by either the Requestor or the Scheduler or both as long as this functionality has been activated in all the appropriate event wizards.  In addition, when confirming your event as an approver or scheduler, you can also add attachments when sending an e-mail to confirm the event.  It’s always good practice to confirm by e-mail once the tasks have been completed.
Email Event Details page


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