How to Add Constraints

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to add constraints in 25Live.

Audience: Campus Solutions staff working in 25Live and Functional Administrators

Constraints are typically your campus holidays or certain days when the college may be operating but there are no classes such as Thanksgiving break week.  You have a choice to exclude events from happening during a constraint or issue a warning.  Adding constraints are typically done by your Functional Administrator.

  1. You must first sign into your Admin utility.
  2. Select the Events tab.
  3. Select the Manage Cabinets section.
  4. Click on the Cabinet where you want to add the constraints.  
  5. Constraints need to be added to all your cabinets but can be set up differently between them.  
    1. In addition, there are constraint settings such as Exclude and Warning that can be applied.  
      1. You may choose to use Exclude with your Academic Cabinet making sure classes are not scheduled during holidays and break weeks.
      2. Choose Warning in your Special Events cabinet, which allows events to happen on these days but will warn the requester and/or scheduler that it's a holiday.
Image of Cabinet Structure
  1. Double click on the Cabinet and/or click the Edit icon.
  2. Go to the Constraints section and click on the Edit link.
Image of Edit Cabinet
  1. Enter the Holiday Name and Date and choose the type (Exclude or Warning) and click Save Changes.
Image of Constraints

Once constraints have been entered at the Cabinet level, you can now push them down to the Folders, so this information only needs to be entered once for each cabinet.  

  1. To push constraints to the folder, click on the Manage Folder section and highlight the folders in one Cabinet first.
  2. Once the folder is highlighted, click the Inherit button and Constraints will be pulled from the chosen Cabinet.
Inherit from cabinet to folder
Inherit confirmation screen
  1. If you set up your constraints at the Cabinet and Folder level before events have been saved on those constraint dates, then you should be good.  However, if events have already been confirmed on those constraint days, then you will have one last step which is to push the constraints to the Event level.  To do this, you create a search for the events whether it's a term code search for an academic batch that was sent over to 25live or an event search.


  1. Switch over to the Admin tool.
  1. Go to Events, Managed Events, and locate your search.  In this example, I created a term code search.
  1. Load the term code search, highlight all the results and click the Inherit button.   This will apply the constraints to existing courses/events.


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