Using Availability Grid

Proposed: The Availability grid is a quick way to see the availability of your locations and resources based on the searches you've created.

Audience: All 25Live users

  1. To start using this grid, you want to sign into the 25live User screen.
  1. When logged in, you will either be on the Dashboard page, or the Calendar view or the Availability grid.  Click on the Availability box if not already there when logged in.  You will see a drop down box in the center of the screen that will identify what searches you are viewing.
  1. There are three ways to adjust the hours for the Availability grid view.  There is a system wide adjustment that is configured in the Config Utility.  
    • You go the Configuration tool, go to the Application tab, then go to the Date/Time Defaults and then edit your Availability View Display Hours.
Configuration URL Date/Time Defaults
  1. The second option is if someone does not like the system configuration they can go to their Preferences and adjust this for their own log in.
    • You sign in and then go to Preferences and click on your Date/Time Preferences and adjust the Availability View Display Hours.
Date/Time User Preferences


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