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How to Use Blackouts for Your Locations

Purpose:  To block rooms from being available to schedule

Audience: 25Live Functional Administrators

  1. Log into your Admin tool.
  1. Locate the room(s) you want to blackout.  In this example, let's say the Automotive building is being renovated and will be off-line for the upcoming quarter. Therefore, the user can run a Category search for the Automotive Building.
  1. Load the search results and select all the rooms in the search and click the Edit button.
  1. When in the Location Edit screen, scroll down to the Blackout Dates section and you will have a choice to Add or Remove Blackout Dates.  Click the Add section for a new Blackout.
  1. Add the name of your Blackout.  Select the date range and then determine the number of occurrences.  This could be one day or multiple days, weeks or months. Once the occurrences are set-up, then Save results.


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