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25Live and Freshbooks Integration

Purpose: Your 25Live license includes access to a 3rd party accounting program called Freshbooks. This program is directly integrated with 25Live for an improved way to manage invoices and payments.

Audience: Event Schedulers and Business office staff

  1. Why use Freshbooks? Since 25Live has its own invoice creation, it's certainly not required to use Fresbhbooks. Especially since all your Pricing is built within 25Live along with all the Contact and Organization information. However, there are two major advantages. One is it creates a work environment where your business office staff can work in. They may not feel comfortable roaming around in 25Live or would you want them to. However, you can create credentials for them to access Freshbooks. In fact, you can create 6 separate credentials since your license includes 6 seats.
  1. When you are ready to use Freshbooks, please contact your SBCTC support person to have it set-up.  Once set up, you will be provided a URL and administrative credentials to access the program.  When you log in the 1st time, please set-up up the environment by going into the Settings and adding your (organization name, address, phone number, etc.) and also add your school logo and colors.  
Locating event in Admin utility using starred search
  1. Once Freshbooks is set-up, then the next step is to confirm your pricing is built.  Assuming that is built (see Pricing QRG's). then once an event is created and you have saved an event, you can preview the 25Live pricing summary. If the pricing looks good and no further adjustments are needed. an invoice will be generated by clicking on the Create Invoice tab.  You will still have an opportunity to make adjustments once an invoice is created but will need to make those adjustments in Freshbooks.  
Create Invoice from 25Live
  1. When the invoice has been created, you will see two hyperlinks that will ask if you want to view or edit the invoice using 25 Live Accounting in the spot where the previous Create Invoice button was located.  Click on one of those links and that will take to your Freshbooks environment.
  1. Once you are in Fresbooks, you will see a draft invoice.  You can select Edit to make any changes to the invoice.  Freshbooks has tables you can use to populate budget codes, accounting codes, organization codes, etc.  Your SBCTC 25Live support person can help set this up for you.  
Freshbooks invoice draft
  1. When your invoice has been edited and you are ready to send to thecustomer. click on your mailing options at the bottom.  You can send by email or snail mail.  The email version will send the customer a link to access the invoice.  Kirk Knittle is currently listed as the customer so it will go to his email.
Freshbooks Data Tables
  1. It will first bring up an email summary screen.


  1. The customer will open the link.  When opened, it will create a merchant account for the customer.  They will be able to make a payment online.  They will also have a history of their business with the college and will be able to view other unpaid invoices, payment, credits, and account statement.
Freshbooks Pay Online Button


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