9.2 Categorizing Job Openings

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference to search for job openings that meet criteria that a user specifies.

Audience:  HR Administrators and HR Specialists.

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Recruiting > Search Job Openings 

Categorize Job Openings

  1. In the Search Job Openings page, enter Job Opening ID informaiton and select Search.
Search Job  Openings page
  1. When a user places the mouse over the Category button, the current category name is displayed.  In this example, a bubble test displays the default category name.
  2. Select the No Category button.
Search Job Openings, Search Results section
  1. Use the My Job Categories page to assign a personal category to a job opening.
  2. The Current column displays a check mark next to the job opening's current category.  If the current category is inactive (based on setting on the Personalize Job Categories page), the Current column is hidden, and the page displays a message that the current category is inactive.
  3. The Category column displays six square icons with different colors.  The icon for No Category is a transparent square with a dotted line border.
  4. The Description column displays the name of each category.
  5. Select the Close button to close the page without changing the category of the current job opening.
  6. Select the Personalize Job Categories link to access the Personalize Job Categorizes page, where a user can modify category names (but not icons) and set the category labels and category sort order.
My Job Categories window
Configure Job Category window
  1. Select the Personalize Job Categories page to personalize job category labels and category sort order.  
  2. Use the Category column displays the category icon.
  3. Use the Priority field to enter sequence numbers to set the category order.  This controls the category order on the My Job Categories page, the Search Job Openings page and the My Job Openings pagelet.
  4. Use the Status field to configure the job category as Active or Inactive.  Select Active to make the category available on the My Job Categories page so that you can assign the category to job openings or select Inactive to remove the category from the My Job Category page.
  5. Use the Description field to enter a personalize description name for each category.  The delivered category names simply identify the color of the associated icon (for example, Red Category).  
  6. In this example, the name of the default category is changed.
  7. Select the Description field - Enter the desired information into the Description field.
  8. Select the OK button.
  9. Changes are displayed on the My Job Categories page.
  10. Select the icon for the category that you want to assign to the current job opening.  The system immediately assigns the category and closes this page.
  11. Select the Red Category button.
  12. The new category icon is displayed for the job opening.
  13. End of procedure.