Managing Locations

Purpose: Managing Locations will be a critical part to the data maintenance of 25Live whether it's adding or removing rooms because of new construction or updating room data such as features, categories, etc..  In addition, making sure this data is consistent and updated between the other enterprise applications is also a key component in the data validation and business process and each school.

Audience: 25Live Functional Administrators

  1. Log into your 25Live Admin utility. Click on the Location tab or the Manage Locations link.
  1. When adding a location for a new building, click ADD.  
  2. When creating a location in an existing building, the easiest pathway is to COPY a location from an existing building.  The advantage of copying is that you also copy the security settings.  
  3. When adding a new location in a new building, you ADD the location and configure the security settings for that location and then use that as a template to copy the other new locations you will be adding for that building.
Location Manage Screen
  1. Fill out the required and optional fields. The two required fields are Location Name and Max Capacity.
    • Remember that Location Name uses the CTC naming convention which is the concatenation of the new two digit college code, three character building identifier and four character room identifier. The Location Name in 25Live has to perfectly match the Facility ID used in Campus Solutions and the Location ID used in both the FIN pillar of CTC link and in Directline.  
    • The Location Formal Name is a very important field because it’s the name pushed out to your published web calendars within 25Live.  Moreover, it’s also wise to match Location Formal Name with the Description field in the Campus Solutions Facility Table since both of these names will be public and viewed by students and staff.  Having significant differences between these two names may cause some confusion on your campus.
Location Naming
  1. Layouts, Features, Categories, Attributes, Hours of Availability, and Security Settings should also be populated.  Most of this data will be important for your reports so don’t discount spending additional time making sure all these space details are included.
    • The Features interact with the “Room Characteristics” table in CS.
    • The Categories are critical for building your searches.
    • The Capacity is a required field and crucial to make sure your utilization data is accurate.
    • The Longitude and Latitude Attributes generate the Google Map functionality and the Room Use Code will be used for your utilization room searches.
  1. It's important to make sure facility data between the enterprise systems is consistent. Here are links to updating facility data in both Campus Solutions and Directline.  There is only one "required" field that needs to match.  That is the Facility_ID in Campus Solutions, the Location_ID in Directline and the Location_Name in 25Live (see #5).



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