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How to do a Batch Export of an Academic Term from CS to 25Live using TCS Interface

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to us the Campus Solutions/25 Live Interface.

Audience: CS Room Reservation Staff and Functional Administrators

  1. Once the Academic Term has been built or copied within Campus Solution (CS), the next task is to run a batch export sending the scheduling information for the term over to 25Live.  This is done through the CS/25live interface.
  2. The CS/25Live interface is owned by CollegeNET and is designed as a communication conduit between both programs.  However, it’s important to note that CS is your academic record and not 25Live.  Therefore any changes to the curriculum involving meeting patterns, faculty name, capacity, etc. should be made in CS.  You can use 25live to assign classroom space and that should be the only change to academic course information made in 25Live. 
  3. The interface pulls the class title, faculty name and e-mail, expected and registered head count, meeting patterns, and room assignments.  For someone to use the interface, access must be approved by the SBCTC office.  If approved, then you will be provided access to a remote desktop that will allow access to the interface.
  4. Open the remote desktop application by clicking the RD Web Access icon.                                        
RD Web Access Icon
  1. You will see a sign-in screen.  The credentials to access this screen will be your CTClink credentials except your username will be CTClink\emplID (i.e. CTClink\102004256).
25Live Interface Home Screen with user name and password fields
  1. Once you are logged in, you will need to click on the TSC icon.  It should say 25Live and your Institution.
TSC Icon
  1. This will require you to log in once more with your CTClink credentials as you did the first time.
Windows Security - Enter you credentials page
  1. Once you are logged in, you will see the home screen of the interface.  There is a lot of functionality and configuration that must be done to your interface prior to running a batch but this QRG assumes that has already been set-up for you. This focuses on just running the batch job, which sends the entire term of scheduling information to 25Live.
CollegeNet Student Information System Interface Screen
  1. Click on the Export/Import heading and then click on Batch Export.
Export/Import - Batch Export menu options
  1. Select the term to batch and click the Submit button. A message stating the batch export is processing should appear. If you get an error message, please contact your 25Live support person at SBCTC. 
  2. Once the process concludes, you will be prompted to turn on Transactional. Choose the Yes option. (It should automatically default to Yes if you don’t see an error message.)
Batch Export page


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