Testing in PCD and Production

Purpose:  This document serves as a notice that no one should create a "fake" or "test" EMPLID.

Audience:  Admissions staff.

Do not create additional test EmplIDs for testing in Production. The use of unauthorized test EmplIDs have severe impacts on a number of critical systems, including data, reporting, FTEs and Financial Aid. For more information, please contact your Registrar or submit a ticket to the SBCTC CS Support team.

Testing in PCD

Testing in the Production, the live ctcLink environment, can be dangerous. For this reason, multiple test environments are maintained for testing purposes. ctcLink colleges have their exclusive test environment called "PCD." The PCD test environment is available for colleges testing and query development. Testing in PCD can include practicing established business processes, developing new business processes, testing security access, developing queries, or researching "What would happen if I did X?" questions. Because PCD is a test environment, any EmplID can be used for testing purposes, including EmplIDs that belong to real students or staff.

The PCD test environment is "refreshed," or updated to match Production, on the first Monday of each month. This also means that any changes (or mistakes) made in PCD during the month will be erased with each refresh. Go wild with testing in PCD-- the slate is wiped clean with each refresh!

All staff members have access to the PCD test environment. The link to PCD is: https://pt-pcd.peoplesoft-nonprod-aws.ctclink.sbctc.edu/ptpcd/signon.html

Users new to PCD can establish their PCD logins by following the "First Time User?" link. Please contact your campus security administrator if you cannot log in to the PCD test environment.

Testing in Production

Any testing that can occur in the PCD test environment should occur in the PCD test environment. If testing must take place in Production, colleges have three authorized test EmplIDs that can be used for testing. These authorized test EmplIDs are the only EmplIDs that can be used for testing in Production. Do not use any other EmplID for testing in Production.

Authorized Test EmplIDs

Each college can update the bio demo information associated with its authorized EmplIDs. The EmplIDs can also be activated in program/ plan stacks, and term activated as needed. These EmplIDs can be used for a variety of testing purposes. Be careful to document the testing that occurs in Production and undo testing changes as needed. For example: If an authorized test EmplID is used to test an enrollment requirement, ensure that the authorized test EmplID is dropped from any classes that it is enrolled in so that it does not take up space in a class that could have been occupied by a real student.

Do not use authorized test EmplIDs to test the OAAP. The OAAP does not accept authorized test EmplIDs. For questions about or assistance with OAAP testing, submit a ticket.

Please submit a support ticket to request instructions on how to test HCX in PCD.

Do not create additional test EmplIDs for testing in Production. Fake EmplIDs have severe impacts on a number of critical systems, including data, reporting, FTEs and Financial Aid. For more information, please contact your Registrar or submit a ticket to the SBCTC CS Support team.

Unapproved test EmplIDs are marked with an SUI service indicator upon identification by the SBCTC CS Support Team for deletion at a later date. Colleges can identify unauthorized test EmplIDs and mark them with an SUI service indicator, or submit a ticket when unauthorized test EmplIDs are identified. Do not remove SUI service indicators from unauthorized test EmplIDs.

If you have questions about how to use authorized test EmplIDs, please submit a ticket to the SBCTC CS Support team.

College College Code EmplIDs
Bates Technical College  WA280 XX280CS01, XX280CS02, XX280CS03
Bellevue College
XX080CS01, XX080CS02, XX080CS03
Bellingham Technical College
XX250CS01, XX250CS02, XX250CS03
Big Bend Community College
XX180CS01, XX180CS02, XX180CS03
Cascadia College
XX300CS01, XX300CS02, XX300CS03
Centralia College
XX121CS01, XX121CS02, XX121CS03
Clark College
XX140CS01, XX140CS02, XX140CS03
Clover Park Technical College
WA290  XX290CS01, XX290CS02, XX290CS03
Columbia Basin College
XX190CS01, XX190CS02, XX190CS03
Edmonds College
XX230CS01, XX230CS02, XX230CS03
Everett Community College
XX050CS01, XX050CS02, XX050CS03
Grays Harbor College
XX020CS01, XX020CS02, XX020CS03
Green River College
XX100CS01, XX100CS02, XX100CS03
Highline College
XX090CS01, XX090CS02, XX090CS03
Lake Washington Institute of Technology
XX260CS01, XX260CS02, XX260CS03
Lower Columbia College
XX130CS01, XX130CS02, XX130CS03
North Seattle College
XX063CS01, XX063CS02, XX063CS03
Olympic College
XX030CS01, XX030CS02, XX030CS03
Peninsula College
XX010CS01, XX010CS02, XX010CS03
Pierce College
XX110CS01, XX110CS02, XX110CS03
Renton Technical College
XX270CS01, XX270CS02, XX270CS03
Seattle Central College
XX062CS01, XX062CS02, XX062CS03
Shoreline Community College
XX070CS01, XX070CS02, XX070CS03
Skagit Valley College
XX040CS01, XX040CS02, XX040CS03
South Puget Sound Community College
WA240 XX240CS01, XX240CS02, XX240CS03
South Seattle College
XX064CS01, XX064CS02, XX064CS03
Spokane Community College
XX171CS01, XX171CS02, XX171CS03
Spokane Falls Community College
XX172CS01, XX172CS02, XX172CS03
Tacoma Community College
XX220CS01, XX220CS02, XX220CS03
Walla Walla Community College
XX200CS01, XX200CS02, XX200CS03
Wenatchee Valley College
XX150CS01, XX150CS02, XX150CS03
Whatcom Community College
XX210CS01, XX210CS02, XX210CS03
Yakima Valley College
XX160CS01, XX160CS02, XX160CS03


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