Campus Solutions - User Defaults

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to set up User Defaults for Campus Solutions in ctcLink.

Audience: Campus Solutions Staff.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZD Local Security Admin
  • ZZ Local Security Admin
  • ZZ SACR User Defaults

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Setting Up User Defaults

Navigation:  Set Up SACR > User Defaults

  1. Select the User Defaults 1tab to set defaults for academic information.
    1. Choose the Academic Institution by entering the desired Academic Institution Code or using the lookup tool next to the field. Note: Career Group SetID and Facility Group SetID will populate automatically. If it does not auto-populate, select the looking glass and choose your institution.
    2. Select the Save button to save your work.
  2. Select the User Defaults 2 tab to set defaults for financial and admission data.
    1. Enter the Set ID, Aid Year, Business Unit and Institution Set fields.
    2. Select the Save button to save your work.
  3. No defaults will be set for the User Defaults 3 tab.
  4. Select the User Defaults 4 tab to set defaults for printing transcripts, award notifications and SEVIS.
    1. Select the Carry ID box.
      • The Carry ID option, when selected, you do not have to repeatedly enter or select the ID when you modify or review data for an individual or organization.
    2. Select the Save button to save your work.
  1. No defaults will be set for the Enrollment Override Defaults tab.
  2. Select the Communication Speed Keys tab to add Communication Speed Keys. If this tab is not visible, select the arrow at the top right of the tabs. Select the arrow at the top left to return.
    1. Enter the Institution Code in the Academic Institution field.
    2. Enter the Administrative Function.  In this example we will use ADMA.
    3. c. Select the lookup tool (magnifying glass icon) to choose the desired Communication Key code.  
    4. d. To enter additional Communication Keys, select the (+) to insert a new row. Note: Add a new row for each Communication Key.
    5. e. Select the Save button to save your work.
  3. No defaults will be set for the User 3C Groups Summary tab.
  4. No defaults will be set for the UCAS, UTT Defaults tab.

Process complete.

How Setting My Preferences in Faculty Center Relates to User Defaults

Faculty may or may not have access to the User Defaults page, which is controlled via the Menu > Setup SACR > User Defaults page, based on having the ZZ SACR User Defaults security role.  When a faculty member access the system through the Faculty Center, they will experience the faculty center display based on the User Defaults setting for Academic Institution. Faculty can change this value by selecting the 3-dot ellipse, selecting My Preferences and in the left side navigation, selecting Campus Preferences.

Select the Campus Preferences to bring up the Campus Preferences pane and use the Institution drop down to select another college. The instructor must defined on the Instructor Advisor Table and have Academic Institution SACR Security for multiple institutions for this to update to a new User Default value.

Be mindful that this will ONLY update the Academic Institution value in the User Defaults page, not the Career Group SetID, Facility Group SetID or SetID or Institution Set on other fields on the User Defaults page.  Faculty will need to update those values directly on the SACR User Defaults page itself.

User Defaults influence the default value appearing on the Search Criteria page.  Using the Look Up icon will still enable a user to change their Institution to something other than the default.

Warning: Updating the User Defaults Academic Institution value will change whatever Campus Preference was set by the faculty member in the Faculty Center.  The selected portal Tile has NO influence on which institution appears on the Faculty Center or as a default institution on any Search Criteria page.  Local Security Administrators cannot see, nor update these values for users.


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