9.2 Using GL WorkCenter

Purpose:  This QRG will review the four areas of the GL WorkCenter using ctcLink.

Audience:  Finance staff.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZZ General Ledger Workcenter

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

The General Ledger WorkCenter is a role-based central navigational component that is designed to help users of the General Ledger application organize and streamline their workload. It provides a single place to perform a broad range of tasks without leaving the WorkCenter, such as journal functions with exception alerts, monthly closing activities, or reconciliation and reporting, resulting in improved efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. The WorkCenter is a global configuration that can be tailored to individual requirements. It will be delivered with the most common tasks and links that are applicable to most users.

A WorkCenter is divided into a Task area and a Work area.  You click on a link to perform the Task in the Work area, without ever leaving the WorkCenter.  When you are finished with a Task, you can quickly select the next one, and open it in the Work area.  This functionality improves efficiency and effectiveness, and reduces the need to keep navigating through the menu structure to perform your job duties.

The General Ledger WorkCenter is composed of the following pagelets.  Each pagelet is discussed in this Quick Reference Guide.

The pagelets are:

  • My Work pagelet - Access to your most commonly-performed tasks, including exceptions and alerts for items requiring your attention.
  • Links pagelet - Access your most commonly-used pages.  This pagelet is similar to the Favorites menu, but more user-friendly.
  • Queries pagelet - Access Query Manager, public queries, private queries, and pivot grids.
  • Reports and Processes pagelet - Access reports and processes that you use most often.

Using the GL WorkCenter

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > General Ledger > GL WorkCenter

General Ledger WorkCenter page
Using the My Work Pagelet

The My Work pagelet will be pre-configured with many links that can assist users in performing day-to-day General Ledger accounting duties.  It will show the statuses and counts (if desired) for journal entries and notification of journals pending approval for a user.  Selecting a link will open a Work area pagelet where actions can be taken, such as approving a journal or editing a journal to correct errors, etc.

Users cannot add links to the My Work pagelet, only modify the display options.

My Work pagelet
Personalizing the My Works Pagelet
  1. To personalize the My Work pagelet, select the pagelet Settings button.  
  2. Select the Personalize link.
My Work pagelet
My Work Personalize

The Group Labels within the My Work Groups are pre-defined as Approvals and Current Work. These alerts include items that require further processing, such as journals pending approval or incomplete journals.

Only your system administrator can modify how many groups appear on the My Work pagelet and the group labels.

  1. You can make these personalizations:
    • Change Display Order field, if needed.
    • Use the Show Count option to display or hide the number of transactions for the link. The number appears in parenthesis, after the link.
      • Use caution when showing counts. Some links may show too many transactions that could cause the WorkCenter load process to be slow. Consult your system administrator if you experience slow response time.  
    • Use the Show Link option to display or hide a link.
      • If there are links on your My Work pagelet that you never use, then you can deselect the Show Link option. The link will no longer appear on your pagelet.
    • You can select a starting page to appear in your transaction area whenever you access your WorkCenter by selecting the Starting Page check box for that page. For example, you may want to see the journals that are pending your approval when you first access your WorkCenter.
  2. Select Save.
  3. The system instructs you to refresh the pagelet to see your changes.
  4. Select OK.
  5. Select Close in the top right corner of the page.


My Work Pagelet Personalization page
Refresh pagelet
  1. Select Reload.
  2. Use the My Work pagelet Personalization page to structure your My Work pagelet as you want to see it.  Notice that your changes have been made to the My Work pagelet.
  3. Re-access the GL WorkCenter to verify your starting page change was applied.
  4. Select GL WorkCenter.  
Reload to see changes

Before you can use the links, you must define the filter values for each link.  Filters still needing values are indicated by the red text and ** at the end.  Editing Filters is explained below.

  1. Section complete.
Queries Pagelet
  1. Now use the General Ledger WorkCenter to run queries and personalize the Queries pagelet.  Select the Reports/Queries link.
  2. Select the Queries pagelet Settings button.
  3. Select the Personalize link.
Reports Queries tab
  1. Use the Queries pagelet Personalization page to structure your Queries pagelet as you want to see it.
Queries Pagelet Default

Your system administrator has added one group label for you.

  1. You may want to add your own group label for queries and pivot grids that you frequently use.
  2. Select the Add a new row button.
  3. Enter the desired information into the Group Label field.
  4. Enter the desired information into the Display Order field.
  5. Use the Owner column to determine if the owner is Public or Private.
    • If adding a link to a public query, then select Public Owner.
    • If adding a link to a private query, then select Private Owner.
  6. Use the Type field to designate the link as a Pivot Grid or a Query.  You want to select a Query.
  7. Use the Query Name field to select the query.
  8. Select the Query Name field. If you know the name of your query so you can type it in the field directly. If you cannot remember the query name, you can select the prompt and select from the list.
  9. Enter the desired information into the Query Name field.
  10. The Query Name and Description fields are populated by the system.
  11. Select the Override Title/Description button. Change the description field if you want.
  12. Select the Save button.
  13. Select the OK button.
  14. Select the Close button.  Note that the group label and links may not appear.
  15. Select the Reload button.
Queries Pagelet Personalization
  1. Now, the queries that you added appear on the Queries pagelet. The system takes you directly to the query page, if you have the proper security role.
  2. Section complete.
Reports/Processes Pagelet
  1. If you run reports and processes often, you will want to personalize the Reports/Processes pagelet of the General Ledger WorkCenter.  Select the Reports/Queries tab.
  2. Minimize the Queries pagelet.
  3. Select the Reports/Processes pagelet Settings button.
  4. Select the Personalize link to access the personalization page for Reports/Processes.
  5. Use the Reports/Processes pagelet Personalization page to structure your Reports/Processes pagelet to meet your needs. The instructions are the same as you used for personalizing the Links pagelet.  

One advantage of adding links on the Reports and Processes pagelet, as opposed to the Links pagelet, is that you can supply the applicable Run Control ID to the process.  

Reports Processes Pagelet Personalization page
  1. When you select the process or report, the named Run Control will automatically load.
Genereate Journals Request page
  1. Process complete.


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