9.2 Maintaining the Grade Scheme Table

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for how to maintain a Grade Scheme Table in ctcLink.

Audience:  Records and Enrollment staff. 

A grade scheme is a grouping of grade bases, and each grade basis is made up of individual grades. There is a grade scheme assigned to each career--Academic and Continuing Education. The system matches a grade scheme to a career in order to assign grade schemes to individual classes.

Grade Scheme Table

Edits and additions to the Grading Scheme Table may significantly impact financial aid processing, official transcripts, repeat processing, and academic advisement reports. Access to the page used in this QRG is limited and is assigned by the local ctcLink security administrator.

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Set Up SACR > Foundation Tables > Academic Structure > Grading Scheme Table

  1. The Grading Scheme Table search page displays. Use the default Find an Existing Value page to search for the desired Grading Scheme.
  2. Enter SetID.
  3. Enter Grading Scheme.
  4. Select Search.
Grading Scheme Table Search Criteria page
  1. The Grading Scheme Table page displays
  2. To make updates to this table, insert a row by selecting the [+] icon in the upper-right corner of the page and input a new effective date for changes being made.

As per usual, adding a row makes a complete copy of the previous row. Therefore, it allows you to make changes rather than build an entirely new record. This may require adding, deleting and /or updating data--adjust your new row as needed.

Grading Scheme Table page

The below table displays Grade Bases values and their descriptions currently being used in the system.

Grade Bases  Description
GRD Graded
AUD Audit
PNP Pass/ No Pass
SUS  Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory
NOG Not Graded
ADM Administrative
GFG Grade Forgiveness
NON Non-Graded Component
  1. In the Grade Basis section, navigate to the desired Grade Basis. The arrows will move through the individual rows one at a time.
Grading Scheme Table Grade Basis Section
  1. Once the desired Grade Basis has been located, pressing the looking glass will display a Look Up Grade Basis list.
  2. If necessary, select the Grade Basis that will override the existing basis and update additional fields based on local business processes.
Look Up Grade Basis List
  1. Update information in Grade Input section if needed. The arrows will move through the individual rows one at a time.
Grade Input section on Grading Scheme Table page
  1. Select Save in lower-left corner of page when complete.
  1. Process complete.


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