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Reporting Academic Plan as a COD Level 99 (Non-Credential) Program

PurposeCurrently, it is not possible to assign a COD Credential Level of “99” using the delivered options for the NSC Classification field on the Academic Plan Table. SBCTC has reported this to Oracle (Bug 32421803). Until Oracle remedies this gap, correctly reporting plan codes as Level 99/Non-Credential Programs requires additional steps and manual maintenance

AudienceFinancial Aid Staff

If your college has any Level 99/Non-Credential programs, complete the four steps below. The "Retrieve from Acad Plan" button refreshes the Credential Level Cross Reference from the Academic Plan Table and overrides any previous manual changes. For this reason, your college must repeat these steps EVERY TIME you use the "Retrieve from Acad Plan" button to update the Credential Cross Reference page. 

  1. Navigate to the Credential Cross Reference page: Set Up SACR > Product Related > Financial Aid > COD > Credential Cross Reference.
  2. Use the Find tool to search for each plan code that should be reported as a Level 99/ Non-Credential Program.
  3. For each, change the Credential Level value to "Non-credential programs."
  4. Save.
Credential Level Cross Reference page with Credential Level highlighting "Non-credential programs"


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