9.2 Student Upload Download Process Business Process Guide

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for the step-by-step process that students use to upload and download documents in ctcLink.

Audience: Financial Aid Staff

The link below provides access to a preview of the business processing guide. Some of the document formatting may be lost in the preview mode. To view document in it’s entirety, select the download icon (down arrow with a line underneath) on the right side of the document to download and/or edit the processing guide.

Student Upload Download Process Business Process Guide


Mike Fentress

Are colleges using this process successfully for students to attach documents?

Kelly Forsberg

Great question, Mike. One college used it but had some challenges on how to organize the data on the receiving/storage end. I recommend connecting with your IT department to establish a solid business process before implementing. -Kelly Forsberg, ctcLink Functional Trainer (Financial Aid)

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