ctcLink Guiding Principles [New May 2022]

Purpose: Provide a link to the ctcLink Guiding Principles on the State Board agency website to enable ctcLink system users a better understanding of the operational guidelines that the Washington State Community and Technical College system now adheres at the close of the implementation phase.

Audience: All ctcLink system users

The final group of colleges in Deployment Group 6 were transitioned from the legacy system to ctcLink in May 2022. This final deployment brought the Implementation Phase of the ctcLink Project to closure and the community and technical college system began transition to an Operational Governance model.  During the planning for this transition the Strategic Technology Advisory Committee (STAC) reviewed the project Guiding Principles and redeveloped a set of guiding principles that would carry the system forward. The ctcLink Guiding Principles were designed meet the long-term needs of the colleges in support of ctcLink governance. The principles were adopted by the system-wide presidents’ group (WACTC) in April 2022. These are the guidelines that inform the decision making process for Working Group, and STAC.

ctcLink Guiding Principles


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