2024-2025 Aid Year Roll Over Business Process Guide

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference on how to complete the aid year rollover process.

Audience:  Financial Aid Staff

The link below provides access to a preview of the business processing  guide. Some of the document formatting may be lost in the preview mode.  To view document in it’s entirety, select the download icon (down arrow  with a line underneath) on the right side of the document to download and/or edit the processing guide.

2024-2025 Aid Year Rollover Part 1 Business Processing Guide

2024-2025 Aid Year Rollover Part 2 Business Processing Guide

Additionally, the below excel doc is a tool a tracking tool to help you track your steps in the AYRO process.  The document is in GoogleSheets format and can be downloaded to Excel.  Please download to Excel for the full performance tools in the tracking sheet.

Note, when you download to Excel, if you get the red security banner, to unblock the macro in the file, remove the Mark of the Web on your local device. To remove, right-click on the file, choose Properties, and then select the Unblock checkbox on the General tab.

2024-2025 AYRO Tracking Doc


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