Campus Solutions ctcLink Resource Overview Document

Purpose: Use this document to guide you through the various Campus Solutions processes and resources in ctcLink.

Audience: Campus Solutions Staff

The link below provides access to an introduction to Campus Solutions in ctcLink. It provides a basic guide to high-, medium- and low-priority cutover tasks, term-dependent tasks, and other Campus Solutions resources.

Campus Solutions ctcLink Resource Overview Document


Ana Dolores Orellana Gamero

how to get in my reading classes now

Tomika Long

I don't know where to find my classes. Nothing is showing up. Its the first day and I don't see a class. Also I am waitlisted for 1 of my classes. I have reached out to the instructor for permission to enroll. I have not heard from anyone. I am so lost and its the first day. I really don't want to fall behind.

Tanjagay Martin

Hi Tomika, Thank you for your comment/question. We suggest calling your records and enrollment office at your college.

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