ctcLink Training Recordings

Purpose: This document provides access to the recordings from the various training sessions delivered beginning July 2022.

Audience: Everyone

Training sessions are typically focused on topics relating to specific pillar areas and are delivered by the SBCTC Training Team. Though the Project has concluded and the Key Concepts/ILT End User Training sessions are completed, we will continue to offer trainings throughout the year. Each pillar area is scheduling out training sessions that align with time sensitive college activities (i.e. Program Plan Stacking prior to Fall, Winter and Spring terms or Year-End Close activities/workshops offered in June and July).

A variety of training opportunities are now available! Sometimes these may look like “just in time” trainings a week or even days prior to a particular process due date. Some trainings may be drop-in sessions offering troubleshooting advice. Some may be refreshers or back to basics designed for newer staff or staff new to their current role at the college.  And some may be end-to-end process sessions that are delivered over the course of a few day/weeks.

Upcoming Training Schedules

Link to College System & SBCTC Calendar for upcoming work sessions for each pillar:

To access other pillar area training activities, select the “Clear” hyperlink in the upper left corner of the calendar results window. Then, using the checkboxes in the right-hand calendar filter checkboxes, select the pillar specific area you wish to view.

Training Recordings Archives

Explore topics or refresh your memory with previously recorded ctcLink Training Recordings. Recordings are located in the Additional Resources module of the corresponding Canvas course(s). Register for the course(s) at the ctcLink Training Registration page. If you have not registered, you will receive an access denied message. If your access is specific to your institution, you may need to modify it (i.e., in the URL, replace SBCTC with your institution).


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