Student Homepage

Purpose: Use this document to become acquainted with the various tiles associated with the Student Homepage.

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Student homepage displaying message center, tasks, academic progress, manage classes, financial aid, financial account, academic records, profile, additional resources, admissions and immunization attestation tiles
Message Center
Message Center Inbox example
Tasks holds example, appied for graduation
Manage Classes

View My Classes

By Class

Manage Classes View My Classes by class example

By Date

Manage Classes View My Classes by Date example

View My Exam Schedule

Manage Classes View My Exam Schedule example page

Enrollment Dates

Manage Classes Enrollment Dates example page
Enrollment Appointments Enrollment Dates Summer 2023 displayed

Class Search and Enroll

Manage Classes Class Search and Enroll list of Spring 2023 Colleges
Manage Classes Class Search and Enroll search for classes field

Enroll by My Requirements

Manage Classes Enroll by My Requirements report

Shopping Cart

Manage Classes Shopping Cart classes listed

Drop Classes

Select Classes to Drop

Manage Classes Drop Classes Select Classes to drop with American Multicultural Arts class selected to drop

Review Classes to Drop

Manage Classes Drop Classes Review Classes to drop

Update Classes

Manage Classes Update Classes Choose classes to update page

Swap Classes

Manage Classes Swap Classes page

Browse Course Catalog

Manage Classes Browse Course Catalog Select a Value of ctcLink colleges listed
Manage Classes Browse Catalog Search for Course field


Manage Classes Planner page
Academic Progress

Academic Progress

Academic Progress Academic Progress report

View What-if Report

Academic Progress View What-if report selection page


Academic Progress Advisors page

View my Advising Notes

Academic Advisement View my Advising Notes page

Apply for Graduation

Academic Progress Apply for Graduation submit an Application for Graduation page

View Graduation Status

Academic Progress View Graduation Status page

Expected Graduation Term

Adademic Progress Expected Graduation Term page
Financial Aid
Financial Aid View Financial Aid page
Financial Account
Account Balance Due Now
Financial Account Account Balance Due Now What I Owe page

Charges Due

Summary By Due Date
Financial Account Charges Charges Due What I Owe Summary by Due Date
Detail of Charges Due
Fiancial Account Charges Charges Due Detail of Charges Due

Payment History

Financnial Account Payments payment history payment details page

Make a Payment

Financial Account Payments Make payment specify payment amount page

View 1098-T

Financial Account 1098-T View 1098-T Specify Payment Amount page
Payment Plans

Nelnet Payment Plan

Financial Account Payment Plan Nelnet Payment plan page

Enroll in Payment Plan

Financial Account Payment Plans Enroll in Payment Plan page
Other Account Activities

Direct Deposit

Financial Account Other Account Activities Direct Deposit

Purchase Miscellaneous Items

Financial Account Other Account Activities Purchase Misc Items Purchase Items page

View Student Permissions

Financial Account Other Account Activities View Student Permissions page
Academic Records

Course History

Academic Records Course History page

View Grades

Academic Records View Grades list
Academic Records View Grades Fall 2022 grade example

View Official Transcript

View Report

Academic Records View Unofficial Transcript View Report

View All Requested Reports

Academic Records View Unofficial Transcripts View all requested reports list

View Transfer Credit Report

Academic Records View Transfer Credit Report list

Evaluation Transfer Credit

Academic Records Evaluation Transfer Credit page

View My Milestones

Academic Records View My Milestones Milestone list

My Program

Academic Records My Program page

Personal Details


Profile Personal Details Personal tab


Profile Personal Details Biographic tab

Contact Details

Profile Contact Details Email and Phone information


Profile Addresses information

Emergency Contacts

Profile Emergency Contacts page


Profile Ethnicity IPEDS Ethnicity page
Profile Ethnicity Ethnic Background page

Privacy Restrictions

Profile Privacy Restrictions page
Additional Resources
Additional Resources Links page

Upload Documents

Additional Resources Upload Documents page

Request Information

Additional Resources Request Information Request Admission Materials

Application Status

Admissions Application Status Application tab
Application Status To Do List tab
Immunization Attestation
Immunization Attestation COVID-19 Vaccination Attestation


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