9.2 Payroll Plan Example

Payroll schedule example for the 10A payroll (example courtesy of Spokane Colleges).

Module DEADLINE Payroll  Activities for 10/25/2016 Pay Date Owner Details/Specifics
Absence  Mgmt  Fri - Noon 10/14/2016 SHARED leave request to Gwendy Lee Ann  
FWL Fri  - Noon 10/14/2016 Contracts  Generated and signed HR  
FWL Fri  - EOB 10/14/2016 Negatives  - let Martha know - Negatives in FWL are ready to select HR  
FWL Fri  - EOB 10/14/2016 Negatives  - let HRO know - Negative processing is complete Martha  
FWL Fri  - EOB 10/14/2016 OTP  Mass Assignment  Pam  Knutson Uncheck  All Unsigned Contracts; Melody oversight
FWL Fri  - EOB 10/14/2016 Run  HCM Query after FWL PSHUP showing all FWL data loaded to payline, verifying  the Earn Codes are correct Pam  Knutson Melody  oversight
FWL Fri  - EOB 10/14/2016 PSHUP  sent to HCM payline staging Pam  Knutson Melody  oversight
FWL - Reporting Fri  - EOB 10/14/2016 Run  HCM Query after FWL PSHUP showing all FWL data loaded to payline, staging Pam  Knutson Send  to Martha/Gwendy cc: Samantha Lanham
    Melody oversight
Workforce  Fri  - EOB 10/14/2016 Complete  Entry of Job Data for New Hires/Changes HR  
Payroll Fri  - EOB 10/14/2016 HR  places ADDT'L pay on payline/one-time pay data on shared drive HR  
Payroll Fri  - EOB 10/14/2016 Enter Hand Drawn  Checks  & Over-payments Gwendy  
Workforce  Fri  - EOB 10/14/2016 Run  Query QHC_MISSING_STD_HRS_FREQ and correct Melody  
Workforce  Fri  - EOB 10/14/2016 Run  QARS report to verify Combo Codes / Chart strings Melody  
Time & Labor  Sunday 10/16/2016 Lock-Out  of Timesheets for Employees N/A Notifications  sent to employees to stop entry at Midnight Sunday.
Payroll Mon  - 9a 10/17/2016 Format  one-time PSHUP & download Gwendy  
Reporting Mon  - Noon 10/17/2016 Queries  to Run:
    -Run QHC_PY_NON_UNION_PAYING_UNION - remove dues, if needed
    -Run BS_PAYR_ADDRESS - to update mailing addresses in Payroll
    -Run missing L&I report - BS_L&I
Gwendy  / Martha Bridget/ Samantha FWL  Query
    VEBA Query
    Retirement - Make sure retirement enrollment for all C17 and E17 employees.
Payroll Mon  - 2p 10/17/2016 Create  paysheets and run pre-calc audit report Gwendy Error  Review
Payroll Mon  - 3p 10/17/2016 Load  PSHUP files Gwendy Check  for PSHUP errors
Payroll Mon  - 3:30p 10/17/2016 Run  a Preliminary Calc Gwendy Check  for calc errors
Absence Mgmt  Mon  - EOB 10/17/2016 Finalize  absence management and push to Time & Labor Lee  Ann  
Time & Labor  Monday 10/17/2016 Timesheet  Cutoff for Managers System  Defined  
Time & Labor  Tue  - 11:30a 10/18/2016 Entry  of Paper Timesheets Martha  
Time & Labor  Tue  - Noon 10/18/2016 Complete  time entry (Time Admin) Martha  
Payroll Tue  - 12:10p 10/18/2016 Load  Time & Labor Gwendy Check  for time load errors
Payroll Tue  - 12:15p 10/18/2016 Run  1st Calc & CTC Custom Jobs Gwendy Check  for calc errors
Benefits Tue  - 12:45p 10/18/2016 Begin  Deduction Entries for Benefits - can be done as soon as paysheets are created Bridget  
Payroll Tue  - 2p 10/18/2016 Begin:
    - Garnishment Verifications (Leanne)
    - Overpayment Calculations/Separations (Gwendy)
    - Verify Pay (All)
    - Additional Earnings (All)
    - Review Deductions Not Taken (All)
    - Review Benefit Deductions Entered &Taken (Bridget)
    -Adjust LWO/LWC rate of pay/earnings
 - Payroll Staff (Review)  
Workforce  Wed  - 9a 10/19/2016 Run  Query QHC_MISSING_STD_HRS_FREQ and correct Melody  
Payroll Wed  - 10a   FINAL  Preliminary Calc for final review  Gwendy Rerun  CTC Custom jobs, if hours have been added or changed
      *Final Verification of:     
         -Garnishments Lee  Ann Run  query to help verify
         -Deduction Adjustments OK Bridget/Martha  
         -Pay Payroll  Staff  
10/19/2016        -REG earnings Samantha/Gwendy  
Payroll Wed  - 11a 10/19/2016 4th  FINAL Calc before confirm  
    - FINAL Review of any changes from last calc
Payroll Wed  - Noon 10/19/2016 Confirm    


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