Legacy Applications Security Administration

Purpose: LegacyLink and Legacy Transcripts applications require specific security administration roles and steps to add and edit users within the Legacy system. Both applications now use Okta and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to ensure a secure login process.

Audience: Security Administration staff managing accessing to Legacy pages, transcripts and reports

Legacy Transcripts Application

The Legacy Transcripts application has security administration features within the application itself. To request Legacy Transcripts security administrator access, an authorized requester must submit a service desk ticket to SBCTC requesting a new user to be set up as a Legacy Transcripts security administrator in the application.

Once access to the Legacy Transcripts application has been established, selecting the Administrator option will allow the authorized Security Administrator (SA) access to SA functionality within the Legacy Transcripts application to manage access for their users in Legacy Transcripts.  

Both the ctcLink security role AND the establishing the user's security access in the Legacy Transcripts application are needed to enable the user to login and perform their job duties in this application.

Users needing access to the Legacy Transcripts application must have this specific local college managed security role:

  • ZZ Legacy Transcripts

The above role needs to be assigned to the user in the ctcLink (PeopleSoft) Application in the HCM pillar. This will grant users access to the Legacy Transcripts application and enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for the application. Granting the security role will trigger the system to establish that user's access in Okta to the desired application and enable the Legacy Transcripts application "tile" to appear on the user's ctcLink Okta "My Account” page in the My Apps section within a few minutes of saving the role to the User Profile.  

If the tile does not appear in a user's ctcLink Okta "My Account" page, in the My Apps section after a reasonable period of time, please submit a ticket to SBCTC for root cause analysis.

Once the Legacy Transcripts application has been granted in ctcLink, the next step will be for the authorized Security Administrator to open the Legacy Transcript application to define the user's access rights in the application.

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your Local Security Administrator (LSA) or IT Admin to request role access with supervisor approval.


  1. Sign in to Legacy Transcripts application is initiated either by navigating to the ctcLink My Accounts URL           (https://myaccount.ctclink.us) or by following the direct Legacy Transcripts application URL (https://legacytranscriptstaff.ctc.edu/ ).
  2. Both URL access points will direct the user to login and verify with Okta.
connecting to legacy transcript application through okta login screen
  1. After the user verifies access via Okta, the Legacy Transcripts application page will appear and prompt for the college selection (if authorized for more than one college).
    • Note: If a user has already verified login via ctcLink Okta for their ctcLink access, they may access the Legacy Transcript application from the tile on the "My Account" page, in the My App section. Clicking the tile will bring the user to this same page.
  1. Select the college you wish to log in with, then select the Select button.

Note - If you are only assigned to one college, you will be automatically directed to that specific college's dashboard.

A one-time profile verification process is necessary to ensure information is correct prior to accessing the system. Once profile information has been reviewed, the verification process will be approved after the Save button is selected.

College Management

Add User
  1. Once the Add User page displays, enter
    1. EmplID - Required
    2. Last Name - Required
    3. First Name - Required
    4. Email - Required
    5. Phone - Optional
  2. Choose one of three Roles from the Select Role drop-down list.
    1. Administrator
      • Can update and alter student records
      • Can edit the information in the College Management menu
    2. Limited
      • Can update and alter student records
    3. Read-Only Access
      • Can view student records and information
  3. Select the Security Manager checkbox to ensure new user can add and edit user security.
  4. Select the Is Active checkbox if appropriate. This will ensure a user is currently allowed access to the system
  5. Select the Save Account button to save User information.
Legacy Transcripts College Management page for add user
Edit User
  1. Select the User to Edit from the drop-down menu.
Legacy Transcripts Edit user page select user to edit
  1. Edit the appropriate field, role or checkbox, then select the Save Account button.
Legacy Transcripts - Staff Access College management edit user page


Kathy Rhodes

I need to get the "registrar" access to Legacy. Transcripts and Enrollment Transaction

Tanjagay Martin

Hi Kathy!
Your LSA will assign you either the ZZ LegacyLink or ZZ Legacy Transcript role to ensure full access to your college's Legacy app (s). They will add you to the Legacy app. Have a fantastic day. ~Tanjagay Martin | CS Core Trainer

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