Legacy Transcript Staff Application Manual

Purpose: Legacy Transcript is designed to facilitate access to student transcript records that have not been already transferred to ctcLink (usually about 8 or more years since any registrations at the time the college converted to ctcLink). The application is available to ctcLink-enabled colleges only.

There are two applications, one for staff, and one for students. They connect to the same database.

Audience: Staff processing legacy transcripts

Logging In

Staff logins are controlled through the ctcLink identity system, with the user logging in using their ctcLink EMPLID and password. Password maintenance is done through the ctcLink system.

Login screen for the transcript application

In most cases a staff user will be attached to a single college, but in some cases they can be connected to two or more (such as the various Seattle colleges). A user with only one college is presented with their home screen automatically on logging in, while a multiple college user will see a “Select College” popup after the password is validated.

Choice box shown when user is connected to multiple colleges
Student Search & Edit

The home screen is a method for searching for students. A student SID is the primary method, but barring having that, staff can search by combinations of name, date of birth, full SSN or last 4 of SSN. If more than one student matches the criteria, a results screen will display with the matching records allowing the user to find and select the correct student.

Note that the Name field is wildcarded, so Smith could also match Smithson or Blacksmith (up to 1000 records). Too restricted criteria that does not match may not find anyone. Clicking on the SID pulls up the student record.

Search for student options screen

Also note that the main screen has a list of the past five students the current user has accessed. This gives you a quick way to get back to a student you were working with without searching.

When attributes are used that can match multiple students, a table of matches is displayed, allowing the user to scroll and select the student they wish to work with. If an icon is visible in the ctcLink column of the table, that means that student has been uploaded to the ctcLink system for that school, and is no longer editable in Legacy Transcripts.

Example of search results with multiple students

The Edit Student screen allows the user to view and edit certain data for the selected student. This allows updating student records with new names, addresses or other settings.

Student Edit Screen

The View History button will display a Demographic Changes popup notification with changed data shown in bold.

Change history showing zip code changes in bold

When a student has been admitted into the ctcLink system, a checkbox will be set to show that fact. A student within ctcLink cannot be edited, but transcripts can be viewed and printed.

A Send Transcript notification will display a pop-up list of colleges that can receive the transcript. Note that it may take up to 24 hours for the transcript to arrive at the target college.

Dropdown choice to send a transcript to specific college

Merge account allows the user to merge two student accounts into one. The primary account is the one the user is currently viewing, and on the Merge Accounts page they enter the SID for the student record that will be merged in. A merged record will be noted on the Edit Student screen, and the history of the secondary record will be stored and can be un-merged at a future time.

Note that the classes will be pulled from the secondary student into the primary student account, but demographic data will remain with the primary.

Merge accounts screen showing primary as already chosen, secondary to be entered

Note that after a merge, the Merge button is changed to Un-Merge, and a notice that the record is part of a previous merge is displayed above. The merge retains the previous account information, so if the accounts need to be separated again, the Un-Merge will restore them and all data as they were.

The Save button is there to record any changes you make to the student. Before selecting Save, any changes can be reverted by selecting Reset. Once Save is selected, reset will not do anything.

The View Transcripts link takes the user into the actual transcript area.

Viewing Transcripts

The View Transcript Details screen shows a breakdown of classes for which the student has registered. The default sort is chronological, but that can be reversed and also sorted by class Division/Number. When sorted by quarter, the summary of credits and GPA are displayed below each quarter.

Partial display of transcript details

The Edit button on each class allows the user to make changes to the class record as needed. All information can be changed even to assign a completely different class and grade, or to delete the class completely.

Editing a course in a transcript

Clicking on the Quarter link (such as “Winter 99”) will allow the user to add a new course for that student, and is also the method to add/edit/delete comments for the quarter that are displayed on the transcript (such as “Dean’s List Winter 99”).

Edit notes and add courses for a quarter.

The Add Course link will allow the user to add a missing course into the currently selected quarter.

The View Course History link will log any changes or edits to existing classes on a student's transcript. Addition or deletion of classes will not be logged.

View/Print Transcript

The View/Print Transcript link is visible on several screens, and will create a PDF file of the student’s transcript for review, either official or unofficial. Depending on browser settings, this can either save to a download location or display within the browser itself.

When printing an unofficial transcript or viewing transcript information within the application, the "Suppress Non-Printing Classes" box may be unchecked to display and print classes initially coded to be suppressed from appearing on a student's transcript. This functionality does not affect a student's official transcript, whereas suppressed classes will never print.

College Management Menu

The College Management menu allows the appropriate staff to add or edit users and write the verbiage that is displayed when a student’s record search returns more than one record (see below) or instructions for when they request an official transcript be sent to a college.

College-provided text for how a student can get help finding their record
College provided text telling a student how to request an official transcript.
User Management

Add User

Note that although the ctcLink credentials of a staff user are validated through ctcLink, it is necessary to enter the user’s EMPLID as a Legacy Transcript staff user in order for them to have access to the application.

Enter or select the staff member's EMPLID, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Role, Security Manager or "Is Active".

Staff users can be assigned one of three roles –

  • Administrator

The Full Access (Registrars) role can view reports, search for student records, edit student demographics, manage student blocks, add or remove Privacy Restriction settings, merge student records and unduplicate student records. Other tasks include the ability to view, sort and edit transcript information along with printing official and unofficial transcripts locally. This role will also be able to send and transmit transcripts to external entities.

  • Limited (Partial Access)

The Partial Access role will be allowed to view reports, search for student records, edit student demographics, manage student blocks and view Privacy Restriction settings. Other tasks include the ability to view and sort transcript information along with printing official and unofficial transcripts locally. This role will also be able to send and transmit transcripts to external entities.

This role differs from the Full Access role as they are not allowed to add or remove Privacy Restriction settings, merge records, unduplicate records and edit course/class information.

  • Read-Only Access

The Read-only Access role will be allowed to search for student records, view student demographics, view student blocks, view Privacy Restriction settings, and student fees/fines. The role also has the ability to view and sort student information along with printing unofficial transcripts locally.

Additional attributes may be selected for users -

  • Security Manager

The College Application Security Manager role can create new staff accounts (Registrars, Staff (Read-only), and other security managers), process new account requests, reassign staff roles, disable accounts, and initiate password resets for users that have forgotten their passwords.

  • Is Active check box

Unchecking the Is Active check box will prevent a user from logging in.

Select the Save Account button to save User information.

Note that even though an Administrator has the College Management menu item available, they will not see the add and edit user menus items unless their account has been checked as Security Manager.

Adding a new user with Administrator Rights

Edit User

Select User to Edit from the drop down menu provided.

Edit User drop down menu page