LegacyLink Pages and Reports with Descriptions

Purpose: Use this document to identify and understand the LegacyLink pages and reports.

Audience: Security Admins assigning pages and reports to LegacyLink users

LDP Project - List of Pages and Reports
Page Names Short Description
PS0001 - Employee Status Displays employee status information.
PS0002 - Job Status Displays job status information.
PS0003 - Job Account Displays job account information.
PS0005 - Benefits Displays employee benefits information.
PS0020 - Employee History Displays employee history information.
PS0023 - Part-Time Faculty Quarterly History Displays year-quarter history information regarding benefit and insurance eligibility for a part-time faculty employee.
PS0025 - Leave By Month Displays leave records for a specified employee and leave type.
PS0030 - Employee Search Displays employee search information.
PS1030 - List Checks by Employee Lists checks by employee.
PS1031 - Earnings Distributions for a Check Displays earnings distribution information for a paycheck.
PS1032 - Deductions for a Check Used to view deductions from the payroll history for a selected check transaction.
BM1001 – Fee Code Table Displays fee code configuration.
BM1002 – Financial Aid Program Code Table Displays Financial Aid Program Code (FAPC) information.
BM1614 – Financial Aid Inquiry Screen Displays the status of a student's financial aid awards
BM1625 – Customer Account Activity Displays Customer Accounts transaction activity.
BM1628 – Third Party Displays third-party sponsorship information.
BM3002 – AP Invoice Screen Displays payments and accounting entries for the General Ledger module.
GA1031 – General Ledger Table Displays an entry from the General Ledger master table.
GA1103 - General Accounting Transactions Displays a batch of general accounting transactions.
CM3001 – Course Catalog Displays course information for a course in the catalog.
CM3002 – Course Description Displays description of a course as it appears in the catalog.
CM3004 – Course Description 2 Displays description of a course as it appears in the catalog.
IS1001 – Course Schedule Displays course schedule information for a course in the catalog.
IS1002 – Class Schedule Displays class schedule information for a class.
SD1002 – Test Scores Displays test score information for a student.
SD3005 – Transfer-in Transcript Courses Displays a student’s transferred-in courses, waived course requirements, and nontraditional courses from other colleges to fill your college’s course requirements.
SM4010 – Enrollment Transactions Displays all enrollment transactions for a student for a specific year/quarter.
SM4011 – Course Enrollment Transactions Displays all enrollment transactions for a class for a specific year/quarter.
SM4015 – Student Quarter Comments Displays text notations for a student. Text can be associated with a specific quarter or a generic quarter.
SM4016 - Student Previous Name Displays the previous name log for a student.
SM5001 – Student Records Displays a student’s biographic information.
SM5003 – Student Unusual Action Displays unusual action codes assigned to a student. Unusual action codes can be descriptive or punitive.
SM5007 – Ethnic Origin Codes Displays system-defined codes that identify the ethnicity of students.
SM5008 - Veteran Benefit Codes Displays codes that identify the type of veteran benefits received by students.
SM5009 - Student Type Codes Displays codes that identify student classifications.
SM5010 - Student Intent Codes Displays system-wide codes that identify the educational purposes of students.
SM5011 - Residency Status Codes Displays system-defined codes that identify student residency classifications.
SM5012 – Fee Paying Status Codes Displays system-defined codes that identify the type of tuition that students pay or special fee-related categories.
SM5013 - High School Codes Displays system-defined high school codes.
SM5014 - College Codes Displays the system-defined codes that identify colleges in and around the state of Washington.
SM5015 – Student Search Use to search for a student in the SM database. The search can be narrowed by the entry of additional biographic data.
SM5016 – Alternate Address Displays second address and email address for a student.
SM5017 – Student Quarterly Data Displays quarterly enrollment information for a student.
SM5018 – Enrollment Matrix Displays total and college-level cumulative information and quarterly enrollment information for a student.
SM5020 - College Quarter Information Displays dates associated with a specific year-quarter.
SM5021 – Unusual Action Codes Displays unusual action codes that identify unique student-related categories. Unusual action codes can be descriptive or punitive.
SM5033/SM5034 – Find Student SSN Displays the student Social Security number for a given SID (System ID).
SM5034 - Lookup Student SID
Displays student name and SID for a student based on the SSN entered,
SM6002 – Grade Attributes Displays a college’s valid grading symbols and the processing options related to each.
SM6003 – Grade Processing Options Displays a college’s options for processing and printing grades.
SM6009/SM5005 – Transcript Degrees Displays degrees and certificates posted to a student’s transcript record.
SM6012 – Transcript Comments Displays comments in a student’s transcript record.
SM6013 – Transcript Classes Displays credit and course-based clock hour classes in a student’s transcript record.
SM7001 – Registration Displays a student’s registration and biographic information for a YRQ.
Jobs & Reports
PS1706J - Employee Payroll History Report Displays a payroll history report for a specified period of time.
PS1725 - Employee Tracking Report Displays part-time temporary employees and indicates those who have .5 or more staff months in a calendar month as well as those who have 70 or more hours in a calendar month.