Legacy to PeopleSoft Crosswalk / Glossary

Purpose: Use this document to understand the conversion of Legacy terminology to the new ctcLink (PeopleSoft) terminology.

Audience: All Staff

The Legacy to PeopleSoft crosswalk of terms and glossary has been developed through the collaborative efforts of representatives from several institutions and the SBCTC. This comprehensive crosswalk/glossary has over 700 terms used throughout the ctcLink project. Each term has been aligned to one or more pillar/areas; several terms having the Legacy counterpart included as well.

This is a working document that allows for continuous edits and updates. Everyone is invited to contribute, so any and all comments and suggestions are welcome. Feel free to comment on the Legacy to PeopleSoft Crosswalk / Glossary document (directions below) so suggestions can be vetted and approved.

Input and Suggestions for the Crosswalk/Glossary

Making a Comment for Vetting and Approval

  1. Open the Legacy to PeopleSoft Crosswalk / Glossary document.
  2. If you wish to sort by pillar/area you have two options:
    1. Click the Data Tab > Filter views > the pillar/area of choice
Filter Views Navigation

        b.  Click Filter View icon near top right of tool bar, click down arrow and then pillar area of choice.

Filter Icon Navigation
  1. Select the cell that you wish to comment on, then either select:
    1. The Insert tab, then Comment OR
    2. The Comment icon (plus sign) towards the right side of the tool bar
      1. In this example, I know that the PeopleSoft term "Confirm" is equal to the Legacy PPMS Term "Cutoff" so I will make a comment suggesting the term "Cutoff" be added to the document in the appropriate row and column.
  2. Enter the information you wish to suggest into the Google comment box then click the Comment button.  
Making a Comment
  1. A comment box has been saved with the time and date stamp from the time the comment was made.  (You may experience a lag from when you entered your comment and when the comment actually appears on the document.)
  2. Everyone can see comments and reply with further suggestions.
    1. If you agree that a suggestion should be included in the document, add your own comment, then click the Reply button.
Replying to a Comment box
  1. After comments have been vetted, someone from the SBCTC Training Development Team will approve and resolve them.
  2. Comments will now be included in the final document.
Final Document


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