FIN - Data Validation - Grants/Projects

Purpose: This document is to provide colleges instructions on how to perform the validation of data in the PeopleSoft environment.

Colleges are being asked to review data that was converted from the legacy environment to PeopleSoft.  The goal of data validation is to ensure legacy data was accurately converted into PeopleSoft.  College Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are included in data validation as a learning experience in navigating the PeopleSoft application, selecting records to review, and reporting issues discovered.

College executives are asked to support the time and effort expended by college SMEs necessary to complete the following:

  • Develop a familiarity with navigating the relevant PeopleSoft menus and pages.
  • Review selected records, comparing legacy data to the records as converted into PeopleSoft.
  • Report issues discovered after careful review of converted data.
  • Monitor resolution of reported issues for review in the next conversion testing round.
  • Develop an approach for self-managing the data validation and issue reporting process in subsequent rounds of data conversion testing.

It is expected that College Data Validation SMEs will have already read the Data Validation Overview guides before beginning their validation activities:

Overview of Data Validation for GRANTS/PROJECTS
Conversion Summary

This conversion consists of Project Mapping.  The colleges/agency were asked to provide a file of Grants/Projects that they needed mapped to CtcLink.

Conversion Validation Due Date

The Validation Results and Feedback are due NO LATER THAN on the last day of the Data Validation Period. It is strongly recommended that issues are reported EARLY in the validation period and are not held until the end of the period. Validation Results and Feedback are for reporting closure of the college's validation activities for the conversion cycle. To view a list of the validation periods please refer to the timeline topic in the Data Validation Overview - Getting Started Guide.

Please remember to have your Project Manager update OTM with a Pass or Fail, this status helps us know that your college is completed with Validation. For more information please see the OTM document.

Getting Help

Questions about the conversion or the conversion validation effort can be directed to:

Contact Name
Contact Role
Contact Email
Greg Dunn FIN Functional Analyst [email protected]
(509) 954-3946
Christyanna Dawson Finance Functional Project Manager
[email protected] (360) 704-1006
Conversion Detail Information

This will not be needed for Grants and Projects, as this information was provided by the colleges on an Excel to CI worksheet, but for items that were converted to the General Ledger, please remember to verify that all grants are coming over on the correct Fund. For more information refer to the Grant Conversion Overview document.

Conversion Background

The goal of this information is to provide college data validators a preview of what the activities will look like of day one of Go Live.  This also gives them a understanding of what their data looks like in the CtcLink system.

Common Conversion Issues
Minimum Validation Requirements

Due to the timing of the Go Live, there will be Projects that will end or start during the conversion cycles. The goal is to identify those projects that will be relevant at the time of go live. This cycle will give us the opportunity to look at the conversion data and determine what needs to be changed or adjusted in legacy to receive the desired output.

The legacy screens that contain project information are:

  • GA1042-Project Number Table GA1042
  • PM1001-Grant/Contract control Table
  • GA1092-Organization Information Table
  • GA1062-Program Index/Organization index
Conversion Validation Steps
Grant Awards

Please verify that the information that you see in the Proposal is in the correct field from the information that you provided.

Grants >Grants > Awards>Award Profile

Navigator / Proposals Image
Navigator / Maintain Proposal Image

When you are validating the Projects you will want to go to:

Project Costing > Project Definitions > General Information

Enter your Business Unit information

Project Costing General Information Screen Image

Then you will want to verify that the information matches what was provided in the Excel spreadsheet as homework. The Next step will be to finalize the budget (if is not already) by following the instructions on the QRG.

Please check the GL to make sure that Fund 145 and 146 is being converted as expected for your college.

Submitting Data Validation Results

College Data Validation SMEs will communicate any conversion issues  they encounter during their data validation via the Oracle Test Manager  (OTM) application. The ctcLink Testing Team will provide OTM   orientation materials before the data validation period for any College  Data Validation SMEs who are not familiar with the tool.  Please refer  to the  Data Validation Overview - Reporting Issues guide for more information on using OTM.

When logging a new issue in OTM related to data being validated  through this guide, remember to use the following values for these  specific required fields in your issue entry under the project tied to  this Deployment Group and Data Validation Cycle.

  • Summary: (Provide a title for the issue discovered)
  • Assigned To: Greg Dunn
  • Status: (Leave as NEW)
  • College or Location : (Specify the college or district)
  • Priority: (Leave blank - not used)


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