FIN: Local Configuration Guide - Grants

This document contains the configuration decisions made and values to be used in deployment of the Grants Module of the Oracle’s PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2 application.  As such, all additional documentation must be in agreement with the related items described herein.  Should conflict arise with information contained in another document, the data in this document shall be considered valid and that of the other shall be deemed incorrect.

Any changes to the information in this document should be entered as dated additions.  No information should be deleted once initial configuration has been completed.

The Grants Configuration Guide explains necessary tables needed to setup an institution in the PeopleSoft system.  The order of the configuration tables presented in this document adheres to the table setup sequence required to successfully set up all tables.


Trees for: Grant Security, Projects, and Budget Dept.

Trees are used for many different things in PeopleSoft. This particular tree is used for controlling who can access which Proposals for a particular Business Unit. There is a separate tree for each Business Unit.

Tree Manager page

Navigation: Tree Manager > Tree Manager

Security: ZD GL Local Config Inquiry
Component: PSTREEMGR
Action: A/U 

Grants Security

Grant access by department by user ID.

This part of the security set up for Grants is using the tree illustrated in the prior topic. Here, you are giving a person access to the specific Business Unit’s tree to which that person will need to access Grant Proposals.

Grants Security page

Navigation: Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Security > Grants Security

Security: ZD Local Security Admin and ZZ Local Security Admin
Component: GM_SEC_OPR
Action: UD 

Award Setup and BU Definition

Define and maintain default business unit and award procedures.

Same Values for all Districts minus the Business Unit values.

These four tabs identify some foundation level set up for a Grants Business Unit. The Award Setup Definition tab identifies some default Budget Item values, some default settings related to a Proposal for this Business Unit, and the Project Costing, General Ledger, and Billing Business Units with which this Grants Billing Business will integrate. It is worth noting that in the Contract Options grid, this identifies that when an Award is created, the corresponding Customer Contract is created in a PENDING status. The Contract must manually be placed in an ACTIVE status to be fully operational. The Confidence Level Setup tab is identifying the levels for a stop-light illustration. The Setup Level tab is identifying the level to which you can associate the identified values. Finally, the Burn Rate Indicator Setup is identifying the levels for the consumption of the budget relative to the time-line for the Grant to provide a hint as to whether the spending is tracking as expected, is slower or faster. The negative values are caused by the complicated math relative the time-line component in the computation.

Award Setup Definition tab
Confidence Level Setup tab
Setup Level tab
Burn Rate Indicator Setup tab

Navigation: Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Business Unit Related > Grants > Award Setup and BU Definition

Security: ZD Grants Central Config Inq
Component: GM_BU_DEFN
Action: UD 

Facilities Admin

Establish the Facilities Admin defaults, the Facilities Admin Offset and Cost Sharing related information.

The Facilities Admin Options page is illustrating the setup related to both Facilities and Administration in the top and the Cost Share functionality in the bottom. The system can create three different types of F&A transactions: one that you must include and two that are optional. You will note the optional transactions are not selected. You will also note that the defaults for the Cost Share functionality are not identified in this illustration. If you utilize this functionality, then these settings must be completed.

The Facilities Admin Offsets page is identifying the ChartField coding string for the “offset” transaction in the accounting entry (the credit side) that the system creates when it creates an F&A transaction. At this time, the ctcLink project has elected to use a standard setting for the offset for all Business Units.

Facilities Admin Options tab
Facilities Admin Offsets tab

Navigation:  Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Business Unit Related > Grants > Facilities Admin Options

Security: ZZ Grants Local Config and ZD Grants Local Config Inq
Component:  GM_FA_OPTIONS
Action:  UD 


Enter institution name, type, address, attributes, and financial information.

At least one Institution is required for each Business Unit.

Each Proposal/Award must be associated with a specific “Institution”; the Institution value itself representing an organizational breakdown. Your Business Unit can have one or many. This is where you set up an Institution.

Name and Information tabs
Address tab

Navigation:  Grants > Institutions > General Information

Security: ZD Grants Local Config Inq and ZZ Grants Local Config
Action:  U/UD/DA 


Establish and update department name, major subdivision, address and attributes.

This can be set up for some or all of the departments. This allows defining a Parent-Child relationship between Departments and defining the institution to which the Department belongs. This can provide an automation in the Proposal creation process.

You can create an organization structure with the Department values. If a detail Department relates to higher level Department value, you can identify that relationship here. This provides an automation point that you would see in the Proposal creation as here you identify both the Department and the Major Subdivision. If Departments for your Business Unit do not include the Major Subdivision identification it is because the Departments for the Business Unit do not consistently represent an organizational unit.

Department and Address tabs

Navigation: Grants > Departments > General Information

Security: ZD Grants Local Config Inq
Action: UD/UDA 

Facilities Admin Rates

Establish the facilities and admin rate agreement and related information.

This can be completed for all Institutions belonging to the SetID.

If your Institution has an approved F&A rate with the Institution’s Federal Cognizant Agency, you can identify that rate for the Institution and the details of the approval agreement. This can provide an automation point that you would see in the Proposal creation and may be most important when you elect to have the system create the optional “Waived F&A” transactions. If this value is not identified for your Institution(s), this information is either not applicable or was not supplied.

Facilities Admin Rates page

Navigation: Grants > Institutions > Facilities Admin Rates

Security: ZD Grants Local Config Inq
Component: GM_FA_RATES
Action: UD/UDA 


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